Logistics support robot CarriRo® AD equipped with external connection function introduced at electronic device manufacturing plant

-Work with automatic doors, lifts, etc., achieving zero transport time between points-


【 CarriRo® introduction case study】 Rising Co., Ltd.
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The Logistics support robot CarriRo® AD equipped with external connection function of ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) is introduced at electronics device manufacturers, Rising Co., Ltd. , Head office in Osaka (Representative director, Nishida Yoichi) to automate transport work and save labor.

Rising Co., Ltd.(http://www.rising-jpn.co.jp/) is engaged in EMS / ODM production, and offers services in both hardware and software such as procurement of electronic and mechanical parts, and production of jigs for finished machines and board inspection jigs.

Mr. Yotsuya, Head of production technology mentioned that before CarriRo® was introduced it was difficult to transport when the number of products increased and when the production increased. Therefore, he commented that it was absolutely necessary to transport parts and products completely unattended.

In addition, Since the travel route is very long, using AGV guided by magnetic tape is expected that the tape will take a lot of time to set the route. In addition, because there were many transportation destinations such as materials, manufacturing, and packing processes, it was also a concern that route setting would be difficult. On the other hand, CarriRo® AD travel route setting is easy, and flexible route setting can be easily done by the terminal, which is the reason for the introduction.

In addition, CarriRo® AD was designed to be able to be linked with external devices with simple settings, which was also a deciding factor in the introduction. The high level application from user side can sent location information wirelessly from CarriRo®, and it could be used for various applications by linking with a lift or an automatic door.

Untill the CarriRo® introduction the workers used to move products to each destination but now it is done by CarriRo® AD and the transportation time of products is almost zero. In addition, as it is linked with the automatic door and lift, it can be carried out automatically without manual intervention when the CarriRo® enters the room.

Already three units are currently in operation at the Matsusaka Plant and expansion to other plants is being considered.

The CarriRo® AD external device linkage model outputs a preset signal from the CarriRo® AD to an external device at the timing when a variable landmark is detected. Control of external devices such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)* can be performed based on the output signal.On the other hand, the external device side can also control the CarriRo® AD by inputting instructions such as start or stop to the CarriRo® AD.

By utilizing this function, the following operation becomes possible.
· Automatically isolate the towing vehicle pulling at a specific position in cooperation with the automatic towing withdrawal device
· Cooperate with PLC to automatically open and close the shutter and get on and off the elevator/lift
· Collaborate with PLC and manage running condition (running, stopped) etc., of multiple CarriRo® AD
· Cooperate with the conveyor and load and unload cargo automatically from CarriRo® AD

※ PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) receives information from connected sensors or input devices then processes the data, and triggers outputs based on pre-programmed parameters. Although it is getting widespread in factories and others, it is widely used to control elevators, automatic doors, lifters and others.

[Product Web URL]​ ​https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/

【Product price】
CarriRo® FD (2019 model (Following model)): 5 year lease with monthly charge of 34,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Moving Model): 5-year lease with monthly charge of 52,000 JPY (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® AD (Equipped with external connection function): 5 year lease with monthly charge 58,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit

【Main Specifications】​​​​​​​

Body weight
55 kg

Width 61 cm × Depth 91 cm × Height 24 cm

* Handle part is 96 cm
Maximum loading capacity
150 kg
Maximum speed

6 km/h (Drive, Following mode)

3 km/h (Autonomous Moving mode)
250 N (equivalent to 300 kg)​ ​* It depends on the condition of the road and boggie.
Charging time
Two and a half hours​ ​
Operating time

8 hours

* It may be different depending on the operating condition

【CarriRo® Homepage】
※ Please check the above link for other case studies.

【Related information】
Equipped with external connection function

 https://www.zmp.co.jp/products/carriro/carriro-plc ​​​​​​​

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