Insight into the latest information on automation in the aviation industry at ZMP World 2019

-Efforts to achieve Autonomous Driving at the Airport-

To hold an invited Talk “To introduce the challenges faced by the aviation industry and the latest automation initiatives”, at ZMP World which is scheduled from July 23rd (Tuesday) to July 26th (Friday) 2019 at Bellesalle Iidabashi First.

The number of foreign visitors to Japan continues to increase, and the Government of Japan is aiming to achieve 40 million inbound annuals by 2020. On the other hand, due to the increase in the number of arrivals and departures and the decrease in the population of production age, the labor shortage of the ground support service at the airport has become a serious issue.

In order to solve these social issues, AIRO has been promoting the commercialization of Autonomous Driving services in the airport restricted area since its establishment in December 2018. In fiscal 2018, we used the RoboCar® MiniVan and RoboCar® Mini EV Bus to participate in Autonomous Driving demonstration tests sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure ,Transport and Tourism. In addition, we will begin the Autonomous Driving demonstration tests for freight transportation this fiscal year.

Autonomous Driving State during the demonstration test at the restricted area of airport in the fiscal year 2018​ ​
Top: RoboCar® MiniVan (Narita International Airport), Bottom: RoboCar® Mini EV Bus (Chubu International Airport)

At ZMP World 2019, we welcome Narita International Airport Corporation and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. delegates to introduce the challenges faced by the aviation industry and the latest initiatives, and explain in detail the new business with AIRO.

【Lecture Information on Airport Automation】
July 24 (Wed) 11:40 to 12:00

Invited Talks "About automation at Narita International Airport"
Hideo Kanaya, Senior Manager, Planning Department, Corporate Planning Division, Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA)

July 24 (Wed) 12:00 to 12:30
Press release "New initiatives for automation in the airports"

CEO of AIRO Inc.
Toru Okazaki, Senior Operating Officer, Aerospace & Ship Division General Manager, Aerospace & Defense Systems Department, Marubeni Corporation
Director of AIRO Inc.
Toru Ichihashi, Director of the Board Business Management, ZMP Inc.

July 24 (Wed) 15:30 to 16:00
Special Lecture "Approach to commercialization of Autonomous Driving service in the airport restricted area"

Director of AIRO Inc.
Yasuhiro Kataoka, Aerospace & Ship Division, Marubeni Corporation​​ ​

July 26 (Fri) 10:30-11:00
Press release "Autonomous Driving of towing tractor at the airport"

Yasuhiro Teshima, Director, Ground Handling Planning Department, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Toru Ichihashi, Director of the Board Business Management, ZMP Inc.

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ZMP World 2019 "From R & D to Mass Production -Robolution caused by ZMP-"

Date and time: July 23rd, 2019 to 26th (Friday) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Venue : Bellesalle Iidabashi First Tokyo Bunkyo-ku Kouraku 2-6-1 Sumitomo Iidabashi First tower​
Participation fee: Free (Separate fee is charged for reception)
Special site:​ ​
Program detail is updated as of July 16, 2019.

【How to apply】

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