Delivery Robot CarriRo® Deli Commercial Program released at ZMP World 2019

- The demo of the advanced G2-2019 model -

G2-2019 Communication Engine

Commercial program for partner companies

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) to announce CarriRo® Deli's latest functions and commercial programs for partner companies at ZMP World 2019, which will be held from July 23rd (Tuesday) to 26th (Friday).

Korea's top courier service company Woowa Brothers with ZMP jointly conducted, Korea's first outdoor delivery robot test using CarriRo® Deli G2-2018 this spring. On the third day of ZMP World 2019, food delivery demonstration using CarriRo® Deli in Korea and the vision of the robot delivery service to be aimed in the future will be introduced by Joseph Kim, Director, Robotics Cell, Woowa Brothers Corp.

In the press release, we will introduce the more evolved G2-2019 model.

In G2-2019, improvements to the IZAC® Autonomous Driving engine will improve the driving reliability of sidewalk driving. In addition, as a further innovation of the communication engine, other than eye contact function, we will demonstrate ZTalk™, a new function that can recognize human voice and generate speech.

Also, as a commercial program for partner companies, we will announce the introduction flow, service menu, and service price for partners aiming for commercialization and full-scale development of 100 units in 2021.

In prior to the press release and the above-mentioned partner presentation, there is a special lecture by Hisashi Taniguchi, CEO, ZMP Inc., the theme is Doctoral dissertation of Tokyo University of the Arts “Dream Implementation by application of robot technology “ and an Invited Talk by Professor Hajime Asama, Department of Precision Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, the theme is Technology for robot coexisting with humans and its social implementation.

【Press release】 July 25th(Thursday)from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Latest functions of Delivery robot, CarriRo® Deli and commercialization service program for partner companies
Presented by Hisashi Taniguchi, CEO, ZMP Inc.​ ​

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Theme: "From R & D to mass production -Robolution by ZMP-"
Date and Time: From July 23rd (Tuesday) to July 26th (Friday) from 10:00 to 18:00​ ​
Venue: Bellesalle Iidabashi First (Tokyo Bunkyo-ku Kouraku 2-6-1 Sumitomo Iidabashi First tower​-B1F)
Participation fee: Free (Separate fee is charged for reception)
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【About the Delivery robot "CarriRo® Deli"】

ZMP aims to create a new lifestyle with robots in solving the problem of the last one mile of logistics and supporting everyday shopping by applying the Autonomous Driving technology cultivated in the Autonomous Driving technology development of automobiles. We are promoting the development of the delivery robot "CarriRo® Deli. "CarriRo® Deli" automatically runs at a maximum speed of 6 km while recognizing the surrounding environment in 360 degrees with a camera or laser sensor. Remote monitoring/remote control is also possible. The load capacity corresponds to a maximum of 50 kg, we will support various scenarios like delivery of food, gifts, medicine, etc.

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