Free consultation to use Autonomous Driving technology for business such as Mobility Partner, Delivery robot, Autonomous Driving vehicle, Logistics support robot, etc.

-Held every week from September 6th! Introduction with year-end budget and introduction of service for next year-

ZMP Inc.(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi, Hereinafter ZMP) is a home delivery robot, Autonomous Driving As an opportunity to consider introduction to business and development utilizing vehicles and logistics support robots, Autonomous Driving The “Technology Introduction Free Consultation” will be held from Friday, September 6th at Koishikawa, the development base.

In recent years, there is a growing need for practical use and mass production of Robot technology and Autonomous Driving technology for real service. ZMP has developed various products and services.This free consultation can be utilized as a place to know the various products related to Autonomous Driving that can be used for research and development.

The event will be held in three afternoons every Friday afternoon from September 6 (Friday) to October 4 (Friday). We will set up products and services for each week and receive consultations for introduction and utilization.

The products that can be explained are used in various demonstration experiments, such as RobocarⓇ Walk, a mobile partner announced in July 2019, and CarriRoⓇ Deli, a home delivery robot released for commercial programs for partner companies. Autonomous Driving Vehicle platform RoboCarⓇ series products etc. Also, if there are other desired products, we can also explain the corresponding products.

We are looking forward to the participation of businessmen who want to use Autonomous Driving technology for business, know what Autonomous Driving technology is about and to introduce Autonomous Driving technology into their business and development processes.

Products subject to consultation
September 6 (Friday):Autonomous Driving Vehicle platform RoboCar® series
September 13 (Friday): Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli & travel partner Robocar® Walk
September 20 (Friday): Stereo Camera RoboVision® Series & Sensor
September 27 (Fri): Driving data acquisition solution RoboTest®
October 4 (Friday): Covers all products including the above

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Moving partner

Delivery robot CarriRoⓇ Deli

Autonomous Driving Vehicle platform RoboCarⓇ Mini EV Bus

Schedule: September 6 (Friday), 13 (Friday), 20 (Friday), 27 (Friday), October 4 (Friday)
Time: 3 to 4 pm, 4 to 5 pm, 5 to 6 pm
※ We would like you to reserve the slot in advance.
Location: 5-41-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Real Estate Koishikawa Building
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・Autonomous Driving Platform RoboCar® series
RoboCarⓇ Mini EV Bus, RoboCarⓇ SUV, RoboCarⓇ MiniVan, RoboCarⓇ MV2, RoboCarⓇ 1/10
Stereo camera system RoboVision 3 and RoboVision 2
・Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli
・ Mobile partner Robocar® Walk (Robocar Walk) and other desired products

【Related product】
Looking for partner companies! Travel partner Robocar® Walk]

Robocar® Walk allows people with mobility difficulties to move autonomously to their destination.
We provide safe and reliable transportation in various situations such as airports, commercial facilities, and sightseeing spots.

Commercialization program released! Delivery robot CarriRoⓇ Deli

Autonomous Driving technology is applied to solve the problem of the last mile of logistics and​ ​
Compact body and maximum loading capacity 50 kg. Equipped with a selectable carrier that supports smart lock

Autonomous Driving Platform RoboCarⓇ Series Small EV Bus Model RoboCarⓇ Mini EV Bus

Based on a small electric bus, users can use external devices (PCs and dedicated devices)
Can be controlled with control signals Autonomous Driving Vehicle equipment for

ADAS / Stereo camera for Autonomous Driving RoboVisionⓇ 3

RoboVision®3 is a stereo camera capable of sensing a maximum measuring distance of 150 m and a​ ​
The latest stereo camera sensing with unprecedented distance and field of view

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物流支援ロボットCarriRo 全国『デモキャラバン』開催!

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