Autonomous Driving security robot "PATORO®"!

-New lineup for low-speed Autonomous Driving mobility, recruitment of partner who wish to introduce-

Security robot PATORO®

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) has announced a security robot "PATORO®", adding a new lineup to low-speed Autonomous Driving mobility. From today we start to recruit partner companies who would like to introduce it.

ZMP have been delivering low-speed Autonomous Driving mobility, which is expected to be put into practical use as early as possible. We have developed Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli, which solves the last one mile of logistics social issues and Robocar® Walk, a mobility partner that allows people to move freely.

The security robot PATORO®, which is newly added to the lineup, will contribute to the realization of people's peace of mind as well as labor saving and efficiency in security operations.

The Autonomous Driving security robot PATORO® adopts a common platform with the low-speed Autonomous Driving mobility (CarriRo® Deli, Robocar® Walk) developed by ZMP. It has a communication function with humans as well as advanced autonomous mobility technology.

Currently, the delivery robot DeliRo is accelerating its use not only in outdoor environments, but also in indoor environments such as vertical movement in cooperation with elevators in office buildings. The mobility partner RakuRo has a proven track record of safe and smooth driving on public roads, including sidewalks and pedestrian crossings where many people and vehicles come and go. By applying these technologies, it can be used for security work in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors.

PATORO® is the most compact robot in the lineup so far, it is also a robot that can be turned around indoors, equipped with functions necessary for peripheral monitoring and patrol security, such as video monitoring and recording with cameras, detection of noise and abnormal sounds, warning, fire detection, etc. The service is scheduled to start in May 2020. We are looking for partners for introduction such as for building management, facility management, regional tour, etc.

ZMP is working toward mass production with the aim of making these low-speed Autonomous Driving mobility a part of new social infrastructure services.

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[Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli]

CarriRo® Deli is a home delivery robot that creates new lifestyles, such as solving the last mile of logistics issues and supporting daily shopping. It supports a maximum loading capacity of 50 kg and will respond to various usage scenarios and delivery needs, such as delivery items and beverages.

The trend toward practical use in office buildings and corporate premises, as well as outdoors, is accelerating. CarriRo® Deli:

[Mobility partner Robocar® Walk]

Robocar® Walk is a new travel partner. Users simply move to the destination by simply specifying the destination using the built-in tablet. As social issues such as an increase in inbound tourists and a shortage of human resources due to aging population increase, large-scale facilities such as airports and train stations, commercial facilities such as shopping centers, hotels and resort facilities, and sightseeing spots, etc., are moving to fill gaps in public transport. We will expand its use as a service and information service.
Robocar® Walk:

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