We started to receive order for Emergency brake for level 4 compatible Autonomous Driving

- Patent pending, there are case studies of Autonomous Driving Level 4 -
- Can be retrofitted to RoboCar® series of Autonomous Driving vehicles -


Drive the motor before operation to reduce the spring​ ​
and allow the actuator drive fluid to flow into the​ ​
additional reservoir tank.

During operation, the fluid stored in the additional reservoir tank​ ​
is released by the force of the spring, and the fluid flowing into the
​ ​actuator presses the pedal to apply the brake.

Emergency brake (retrofit type) installation example

Emergency brake (retrofit type)

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) started to receive order for the emergency brake which during an ADAS and Autonomous Driving experiment in the absence of driver can perform emergency brake to prevent danger due to any system or power failure. While developing a Autonomous Driving level 3 or 4, if the driver is in the driver’s seat, using a brake can avoid danger. When performing Autonomous Driving at level 4 or higher, even if there is a problem with the Autonomous Driving system due to an unexpected power loss, a mechanism has been created that can drive the brakes. The RoboCar® series of self-driving cars to be sold at ZMP in the future will improve safety as standard equipment, and can be retrofitted to the RoboCar® series of Autonomous cars that are already in operation.

Emergency brake Retrofit type adds a system that is different from the existing hydraulic vehicle brake system. Equipped with an actuator for driving the brake pedal, this mechanism mechanically moves the pedal to stop the vehicle when activated.

Emergency brake can be integrated between master cylinder (MC) and ESP/ABS brake hydraulic path of the existing hydraulic vehicle braking system. In the case of the embedded type, ZMP is looking for partner who can conduct joint research from introduction to experimental vehicles.


Full brake time

0.3 seconds (about 0.15 seconds for human drivers)
Power consumption (at standby)

Emergency brake (retrofit type): Over 8 million JPY for retrofit to RoboCar® series

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