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​ ​-Autonomous Driving Single-Seater Robot that can run on public roads (sidewalks) will be released in May! -
​ ​-For nursing care facilities, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities, airports, etc. -

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) has announced that the Autonomous Driving Single-Seater Robocar product "Robocar® Walk" introduced in July 2019 is renamed as "RakuRo", a name which can be more familiar to users and is ready to launch in May 2020 for care and welfare facilities, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities, airports, etc.

■ Specifications of RakuRo Product
RakuRo is a Single-Seater robot that automatically navigates with expressions such as smiles and winks, and communicates with voices such as greetings and requests. Using multiple sensors and cameras to grasp the surroundings, avoiding obstacles, providing safe and secure movement by autonomous driving to the destination, and driving on public roads because it is classified as an electric wheelchair that runs at 6 km/h or less. The part "Raku" in the product name means "easy", that is to move easily by autonomous driving. The concept of "enjoying" the surroundings and conversations while moving with the people around is expressed by being free from driving a wheelchair or senior car.

■ User trial feedback

"A relaxed ride" (Female in their 70s)
"The surrounding scenery was often seen because there was no need for operation." (Male in their 70s)
"It rides automatically for you. Easy ride on slope" (Female in their 80s)
"Convenient in a place where you can easily get lost" (Male in their 60s)

(Feedbacks from the persons who experienced test ride near the ZMP office)

■ Thoughts on the RakuRo logo

RakuRo logo is designed with a rounded font having the desire to make the product more accessible and familiar to users. The logo color is a combination of Camel Yellow and ZMP's corporate color. In addition, there are various variations of RakuRo logo so that they can be used as signboards, signs, and icons.

RakuRo Icons

Examples of signs at airports and stations

■Specifications of RakuRo Use
Example 1) Use in nursing homes, apartments for the elderly, housing complexes, etc.

Specify destination on tablet

In Japan, which is facing a super-aging society, the demand for facilities for seniors is increasing, and the chronic shortage of nursing care workers is becoming an issue. It is indispensable to go out for walks etc., for the health of residents but it is difficult for people to press wheelchairs to secure them, and many residents tend to stay in facilities. The use of a RakuRo not only allows an attendant to move outdoors autonomously without pushing a wheelchair, but also allows remote monitoring and conversation with a camera or tablet, so it is possible to go out with confidence. For social issues such as securing transportation for elderly who return licenses and, it is expected to be used as a transportation in apartments. By "sharing" with multiple people instead using by a single person, you can get a simple, fun and safe way to travel with less individual expenses compared to the maintenance cost of owning a car.

Example 2) Use at airports, sightseeing spots, amusement parks, commercial facilities, etc.

Airport Scene

When you go out for travel or leisure, you may walk for a long time or may get lost in a tourist area or a large commercial facility. In addition to being able to move more easily by using the Rakuro, you can also receive guidance on facilities and sightseeing spots while traveling on the optimal route, you can also take a detour on the way to your destination, so you can more actively enjoy the time you are traveling.

■ Specifications of RakuRo

Dimensions / Weight
Length 110 cm X Width 65 cm X Height 120 cm and 110kg
Main function

Movement function: Autonomous movement by self-position estimation, Obstacle avoidance

Communication function: Communicate with surroundings using facial expressions and voices

Tablet function: Specify destination by touch operation, stop halfway and instruct re-run
Up to 6km/h
Safety function

Obstacle recognition by laser sensor and camera, automatic avoidance, Stop, emergency stop switch,

Remote monitoring by camera
Charging & Operating time
Charging for 1 hour can lead to 4 to 6 hours of operation (depends on usage environment, frequency, etc.)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Product page:​ ​https://www.zmp.co.jp/products/robocar-walk

Video: RakuRo™ on public road (Marunouchi)​ ​https://youtu.be/6pXae1m648I

RakuRo™ at Airport:​ ​https://youtu.be/jK-0j8gWqjQ


100,000 JPY (monthly leasing price, exclusive tax)​ ​

*We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices may change without prior notice.

*In addition, initial costs such as map creation for Autonomous Driving and on-site setup, maintenance costs, management system usage fees, etc., will be required separately.

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