Intro sessions on Unmanned robots "DeliRo ™", "RakuRo ™" and "PATORO ™"!

-Easy-to-understand introduction steps for companies considering introduction-
-RakuRo ™ test drive on public roads (sidewalks)-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) to hold a briefing session for business operators about the Delivery Robot DeliRo™, Single-Seater Robot RakuRo ™ , and Security Robot PATORO ™ which are small robot series that run automatically.

In this intro session, as an opportunity for more companies to consider introduction, in addition to demonstrate product functions and introduction steps in detail, for RakuRo ™, you can actually experience autonomous driving mobility by taking a test ride on the sidewalk near the ZMP office.

All of these are low-speed Autonomous Driving mobilities that keeps the same pace of a human walk, aiming for early commercialization.

By applying the advanced autonomous movement technology cultivated by ZMP in developing Autonomous Driving vehicles, it detects obstacles such as people and cars on the traveling route while recognizing the surrounding environment and performs appropriate movement control such as stopping and avoiding.

In addition, the unique design makes it possible to communicate with the passing people with smiles and voices, thereby realizing coexistence with people.

[Delivery Robot DeliRo ™]
A delivery robot that creates a new lifestyle, such as solving the last mile logistics issues and supporting daily shopping. With a maximum loading capacity of 50 kg, we will respond to various usage scenarios and delivery needs such as delivery items and beverages. It also has functions such as ordering with smartphones, notification of delivery, and unlocking.

[Single-Seater Robot RakuRo ™]
An entirely new mobility partner where users can safely and autonomously travel to their destination simply by specifying their destination using the built-in tablet.

When social issues such as inbound increases and shortage of human resources due to aging are growing, RakuRo can be used at the large-scale facilities in airport, stations, commercial facilities such as sightseeing spots, large shopping centers, hotel / resort facilities, tourist services, etc.​​

[Security Robot PATORO ™]
The most compact robot in the lineup, it is a robot that can be moved around indoors. It is equipped with functions necessary for peripheral monitoring and patrol security, such as video monitoring and recording with cameras, detection of noise and abnormal sounds, warning, fire detection, etc. The service is scheduled to start in the fiscal year. It can be expected to be used for building management, facility management, and regional tours.

ZMP is working toward mass production with the aim of making these low-speed Autonomous Driving robots a part of new social infrastructure services.

​ ​March 9th (Monday) to March 31st (Tuesday), 2020  
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ZMP Inc. RoboLife Division Sales Department
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ラクロシェアリング サービス実施中です!

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