RakuRo ™ for 10,000 JPY per month -Start of share service orders-

-Low-speed mobility version of CASE "RakuRo ™"-
-Solving mobility issues in mansions and nursing care facilities-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) using "RakuRo ™", a single-seater robot that runs automatically as a personal mobility sharing service to realize a service that are shared by multiple people rather than owned by one person in apartments and nursing care facilities.

ZMP has realized “CASE (Connected Autonomous Share Electric)”, a keyword in the automobile world, with a low-speed mobility robot that runs at walking speed. We will work to solve issues at tourist attractions, nursing care facilities, airports, amusement parks, etc., and aim to realize a society where travel is easy and fun.

Social issues of mobility and introduction of sharing among elderly
In Japan, "movement" of the elderly is becoming a social issue, with the super-aging society ahead of us.
In areas such as new towns and housing complexes near the city, securing the means of transportation necessary for daily life due to the return of licenses due to aging is an urgent issue, as taxi drivers are in short supply. It is becoming an issue.
On the other hand, accidents due to erroneous operations when driving a senior car and near misses, which have become widespread as familiar means of transportation for elderly people who have returned their licenses, have also been reported as major issues. * 1

* 1) Accident while using a handle-type electric wheelchair (Consumer Affairs Agency):https://www.caa.go.jp/policies/council/csic/report/report_009/

​ ​and ROBO-HI® sharing service image
ZMP has developed a single-seater Robot RakuRo ™ and cloud and smartphone application ROBO-HI® in residential facilities such as apartments for elderly people, mansions for elderly people whose construction is progressing recently, and nursing care facilities. We realize sharing personal mobility service with multiple people rather than owned by one person.

(1) Install RakuRo as a shared facility for residents in mansions and other facilities and pre-register destinations frequently used by residents (supermarkets, government offices, hospitals, parks, etc.)
(2) Providing a function for reservation and user confirmation using a smartphone app for residents
(3) While using, simply specify the destination from the RakuRo installation location and it will automatically run
(4) Providing information on nearby stores to RakuRo installed tablets and user smartphones with ROBO-HI®

Riding RakuRo ™ (reservation-authentication-use)

Overview of RakuRo ™ share service

​ ​Benefits of sharing service
Using RakuRo ™ as a sharing service has the following advantages.

① A safe route defined in the autonomous driving map is set in advance, and the user can automatically drive simply by specifying the destination, thereby preventing accidents caused by user's erroneous operation.

② RakuRo™ is offered as a lease with a monthly fee of 100,000 JPY or more (separate initial fee). However, sharing by multiple people at facilities etc., can reduce the burden on each user. For example, if 10 people share one car, it will be 10,000 JPY per person, Compared to the maintenance cost of owning a car, it is assumed that it is possible to secure daily transportation around the neighborhood while keeping the burden light.

③ With the remote monitoring system, RakuRo ™ and its surroundings can be monitored at all times, and users can travel with peace of mind by talking with the operator if necessary.

​ ​* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
RakuRo ™ is 118.8 cm in length x 66.4 cm in width x 120.0 cm in height. t weighs 110 kg and runs at a maximum speed of 6 km/h and is classified as an electric wheelchair product. This is the latest mobility product that allows you to travel safely and securely to your destination by autonomous driving while communicating with people around you with smiles and voices. It provides a new and enjoyable form of mobility for people with disabilities in welfare facilities, airports, commercial facilities and tourist spots.
Product pagehttps://www.zmp.co.jp/products/lrb/rakuro
Video: Driving on public roads (Marunouchi):https://youtu.be/6pXae1m648I
RakuRo™ at Airport:​ ​https://youtu.be/jK-0j8gWqjQ

From 100 thousand yen(¥100,000 /month) for one-year lease
-We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices are subject to change without notice.
*In addition, initial costs such as map creation for Autonomous Driving and on-site setup, maintenance costs, management system usage fees, etc., will be required separately.

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