RakuRo™ holds a hands-on event at Chiba Zoological Park!

-Autonomous driving in the park while listening to the animal guide-


ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) to carry out Autonomous Driving robot "RakuRo ™" in Chiba City Zoological Park (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Chief: Kazumasa Kaburagi).​ ​

In this initiative, we will use the RakuRo™, a single-seater autonomous driving robot, to explore the grassland zone in Chiba City Zoological Park. While traveling around the area along with voice guide you can see various animals like meerkats, elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, flamingos, zebras, etc.,.

RakuRo ™ communicates with the surroundings with a smile and voice, and automatically stops or avoids when a person is detected. You can experience automatic driving while listening to the animal guide, it is a new attempt to have fun while learning.

Through this initiative, we will verify the effectiveness of building a new mobile service and animal guide style in the park, We will continue to work on realizing new value using RakuRo ™.

【Overview】​ ​
1. Date and time: April 4th, 2020 (Saturday), 5th (Sunday), 11th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday)
from 9:30 to 16:00 on each day (first-come, first-served basis)
* Operation may be canceled due to rain or other circumstances.
2. Location: Grassland zone in Chiba Zoological Park
Access:​ ​https://www.city.chiba.jp/zoo/guide/access.html
Park map:​ ​https://www.city.chiba.jp/zoo/guide/map.html
3. Fees: 500 JPY for one time (about 350m per lap, about 10 minutes)

[Single-seater Autonomous Driving Robot RakuRo™]

RakuRo™ is a low speed personal mobility that travels at walking speed.​ ​
The customer simply selects the destination registered in advance on the tablet and RakuRo™ moves the customer safely and autonomously to his or her destination. In addition, the friendly and unique design makes it possible to communicate with people passing by with a smile and voice.​ ​
As social issues such as increase in inbound tourists and labor shortage due to aging society become major issues, we will expand our use cases in airport, shopping mall, hotel, resort, care and welfare facility, and tourist areas. The word "Raku" means "easy“ and we aim to realize a society in which people’s movement is easy and enjoyable with RakuRo™.

Single-Seater Robot RakuRo™:​ ​https://www.zmp.co.jp/products/lrb/rakuro
Video: RakuRo™ on public road (Marunouchi)​ ​https://youtu.be/6pXae1m648I
RakuRo™ at Airport:​ ​https://youtu.be/jK-0j8gWqjQ

From 100 thousand yen(¥100,000 /month) for one-year lease
*We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices may change without prior notice.
*In addition, initial costs such as map creation for Autonomous Driving and on-site setup, maintenance costs, management system usage fees, etc., will be required separately.

[Press Release Article]

物流支援ロボットCarriRo 全国『デモキャラバン』開催!

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