Security Patrol robot "PATORO" with Spray disinfection function

Security Patrol robot "PATORO" with Spray disinfection function

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) announced the Spray disinfection function as an optional to the Security Patrol robot "PATORO", the robot which we announced in December 2019.​ ​ZMP will contribute to the realization of a safe world through robot technology centered on autonomous movement.

Currently, it is required to frequently disinfect spaces and equipment in various places. However, manual disinfection activities may pose risks such as a risk in the infected area, lack of personnel, and further infection through workers.​ ​Therefore, ZMP provides an optional Spray disinfection function to Security Patrol robot "PATORO".

The Security Patrol robot "PATORO"​ ​is one of a series of low-speed autonomous driving robots that apply the autonomous movement technology developed by ZMP and run at the speed of walking. This autonomous outdoor and indoor security robot on a preset route can safely drive such as avoiding obstacles or stopping temporarily and by communicating with people around you with rich facial expressions and voices such as greetings and requests. Thus, we will realize "symbiosis with people" as a more familiar robot.

As an optional function, Security Patrol robot "PATORO"​ ​is equipped with an autonomous Spray disinfection function using an electric sprayer.​ ​By combining the self-recognition function of the device and the sensor information of the camera, etc., the disinfectant solution is sprayed at an appropriate place, and on equipments like handrails, elevator buttons that is often touched by, and at supermarkets and hospitals where people usually visit. It is possible to carry out indoor disinfection autonomously.

Use of Spray disinfection function​ ​by Security Patrol robot "PATORO" for equipment and space disinfection

■ PATORO ™ service started

Image of cooperation between Security Patrol robot "PATORO™" and cloud system ROBO-HI®

"PATORO"​ ​is scheduled to start service from May 2020. It is expected to be used in various places such as commercial facilities such as shopping malls, office buildings and mansions, nursing welfare facilities, hospitals, factories, logistics warehouses, etc.

"PATORO", in adition to the robot body, is connected to a cloud system ROBO-HI® that remotely monitors and controls PATORO's surroundings.​ ​In addition, it will be possible to control the Spray disinfection function, which is announced as an option this time. Please contact us for the sample availability of this option.

"PATORO"​ ​Specifications* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Length 78.1 cm x Width 65.4 cm x Height 108.9 cm
Main function

Movement function: Autonomous movement by self-position estimation, obstacle avoidance, automatic stop

Communication function: Communicate with surroundings using facial expressions and voices

Optional function: Equipped with electric sprayer
Up to 6km/h
Safety function

Obstacle recognition by laser sensor and camera, automatic avoidance, Stop, emergency stop switch,

Remote monitoring by camera

Charging & Operating time
It is possible to operate for 4 to 5 hours with 1 hour of charging (depending on usage environment, frequency, etc.)

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■ Pattro ™ price information
Body: 100,000 JPY per month (excluding tax) ~
Spray disinfection function option: 10,000 JPY / month (excluding tax)
*We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices may change without prior notice.
*In addition, initial costs such as map creation for Autonomous Driving and on-site setup, maintenance costs, management system usage fees, etc., will be required separately.

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Spray disinfection function of security robot "PATORO ™"

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