Cherry blossom viewing with RakuRo™ video have been released​ ​

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) has released a video of Cherry blossom viewing with single-seater robot RakuRo™ that drives autonomously on public roads. The cherry blossom viewing test drive was carried out on March 27th this year with the people of the neighborhood in Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, where ZMP office is located. We performed in an area with many slopes that are also famous for cherry blossoms. This video will be delivered with smiles of those who took the test drive and is intended for sharing in the area and for those who live in elderly care facilities.

ZMP uses low-speed mobility robots that run at walking speeds to solve problems in tourist spots, nursing care facilities, airports, amusement parks, etc. We will strive to create a society where people can easily move around and enjoy.

Few scenes from the RakuRo™ test drive video

Video scenes
[RakuRo​ ​Initiative video introduction page]

In this video, we asked the local residents to take a test drive on the RakuRo ™ and travel with the feeling that they would take a walk with the couple. It does not require the support of an attendant who pushes the wheelchair, and also frees you from the difficulty of driving like an electric wheelchair or a senior car, so you can walk side by side with your family with peace of mind. It is a video that shows a new form of walk for people.

The RakuRo™ moves autonomously, communicating with other passersby with its rich facial expressions and voice. In this test ride, the passengers and those around us were full of smiles, and it is expressed that they took a walk casually and happily.

As a membership system, users can pay monthly fee and use it as a "sharing service" for reservations made using the app. The monthly lease rate for RakuRo ™ is 100,000 JPY or more, but if you share it with 10 people, you will be able to use it for 10,000 JPY per person per month. We can provide a comfortable means of transportation for elderly people who have returned their car licenses and have problems in daily transportation. Elderly people who can perform independent activities at their respective destinations, such as elderly housing with services, condominiums, housing complex with aging population, or share with local residents, It is intended to be used for daily outings and walks and is also possible for the operator of the facility to own RakuRo ™ and provide it to the residents as a permanent service of the facility.

​ ​About RakuRo

RakuRo is a single-seater robot that automatically runs while communicating with the surrounding people through rich facial expressions such as smiles and winks, and voice communication such as greetings and requests. RakuRo grasp the surroundings with multiple sensors and cameras installed on the main body. It provides safe and reliable movement to the destination by automatic driving that can monitor and avoid obstacles or stop safely. Since it is classified as an electric wheelchair that runs at a speed of 6 km/h or less, it is a product that can also be run on public roads. The word "Raku" means "easy", that is, it makes movement easier by driving autonomously, and at the same time both the person himself and his attendant are free from driving a wheelchair or a senior car, so they can enjoy the surrounding and do conversation while moving.

​ ​Main specifications of RakuRo* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions / Weight
Length 118.8 cm x Width 66.4 cm x Height 109 cm & 110 kg
Main function

Movement function: Autonomous movement by self-position estimation, Obstacle avoidance

Communication function: Communicate with surroundings using facial expressions and voices

Tablet function: Specify destination by touch operation, stop halfway and instruct re-run
Up to 6km/h
Safety function

Obstacle recognition by laser sensor and camera, automatic avoidance, Stop, emergency stop switch,Remote monitoring by camera

Charging & Operating time
1 hour charge can result in 4 to 6 hours operation (depends on usage environment, frequency, etc.)

Product page:​ ​
Video: RakuRo™ on public road (Marunouchi)​ ​
RakuRo™ at Airport:​ ​

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Scene 01 from the RakuRo ™ test drive video
Scene 02 from the RakuRo ™ test drive video
Scene 03 from the RakuRo ™ test drive video
Scene 04 from the RakuRo ™ test drive video

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