Demonstration test of Unmanned security & disinfection robot "PATORO™" at Shinkansen underground shopping mall "ESCA" in Nagoya, Japan​ ​

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) in co-operation with ESCA in Nagoya City, Aichi, (President, Mikiyasu Hiroi), and under the overall management of Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering Ltd in Chuo-ku, Osaka, (President, Naotoshi Okada) to conduct the first Unmanned disinfection demonstration test in Japan's underground shopping mall at ESCA (Shinkansen underground shopping mall).

"PATORO" is a security robot developed for the purpose of unmanned patrol security in buildings and premises.To respond to the disinfection needs due to the recent epidemic of the new coronavirus, we developed an automatic control disinfectant spraying function and have started a service for installation from June.

By applying Autonomous Driving technology to robots and providing services, ZMP will contribute to the realization of a safe and secure world.

ESCA is an underground shopping center located at the west exit of Nagoya Station, which is lined with approximately 80 stores, and is a commercial facility visited by many customers every day. This demonstration test will be conducted on July 7th (Tuesday) after 21:00 in some areas of ESCA, and it will be verified whether disinfection work can be performed efficiently by Unmanned security and disinfection robot "PATORO".

The state of this demonstration test will be disclosed to the media as follows. If you are interested in media coverage, please contact ZMP, Nikken Sekkei Civil, or ESCA.

・Date: July 7th, 2020 (Tuesday) from 21:00
・Place: Nagoya Station Shinkansen underground shopping mall ESCA (partial area)
・Details: Disinfect the fire door knob and floor by Autonomous security and disinfection robot "PATORO" when the store is closed.

ESCA front entrance

Underground shopping mall

Unmanned security and disinfection robot "PATORO"

About Unmanned security and disinfection robot "PATORO"

"PATORO" is one of the "low-speed Autonomous Driving three brothers" that runs at walking speed, and has the same rich expression as the Unmanned delivery robot "DeliRo™" and the Single-seater robot "RakuRo™". It is a robot developed with the aim of coexisting with people through the communication of voice. Using multiple cameras and laser sensors to detect passersby in the surroundings, it has functions to automatically avoid and stop safely in front of obstacles, as well as to announce by voice and ask you to give way. It is a robot that allows people around you to live comfortably and safely. PATORO is equipped with an optional disinfectant spraying function. In order to realize a safe and secure world in the future, we meet the needs for preventing the spread of infection in places where many people live and come and go such as airports, stations, office buildings, commercial facilities, hospitals and welfare facilities.

 ■Main specifications of PATORO* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions / Weight

Length 80.0cm x Width 65.4cm x Height 108.9cm. About 110kg

Main function

Movement function: Autonomous movement by self-position estimation, Obstacle avoidance

Communication function: Communicate with surroundings using facial expressions and voices
Up to 6km/h

Safety function

Obstacle recognition by laser sensor and camera, automatic avoidance / stop, emergency stop switch,​ ​Remote monitoring by camera

Optional features
Disinfectant spraying function (automatic control), heat detection function with infrared camera

Charging & Operating time

Charge for 1 hour / Operate for 2 to 6 hours (depending on usage environment, frequency, etc.)

Demonstration at the Cabinet Office​ ​
Verification at Takenaka Corporation Tokyo Head Office

Price information*Price may change without notice.
Unmanned security robot "PATORO": Over 100,000 JPY (excluding tax) per unit, for a month, for five years
"PATORO" with disinfectant spraying function: Over 110,000 JPY (excluding tax) per unit, for a month, for five years
PATORO trial program: 900,000 JPY (excluding tax) *Please contact us for details as it depends on the usage site and conditions
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ESCA front entrance
Underground shopping mall
Unmanned security and disinfection robot "PATORO"

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