Pre-order Unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork with pallet recognition function "ForkEye"

-Collaboration with manned forks and unattended unloading from stacked pallets and trucks-
-Delivery from December 2020, demonstration of actual machine at ZMP World 2020-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Taniguchi Hisashi) has started accepting orders for CarriRo Fork, which is equipped with the new ForkEye in the unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork for pallet recognition .

CarriRo AD+ recognizes the position of the pallet

Recognize the position of stacked pallets

What is ForkEye? CarriRo Fork is equipped with a sensor that recognizes a pallet, and even if the position of the pallet deviates from the position set on the map of CarriRo Fork, it will automatically detect the position deviation and correct the operation.

Conventionally, pallets for loading and unloading by unmanned forklifts require pallets to be arranged within a certain range with respect to the set position. On the other hand, in the field of logistics, Forklifts that are operated by humans are used to transport pallets in a mixed manner, and when loading and unloading pallets in cooperation with the equipment/device side. The pallet position may deviate from the position set on the unmanned forklift side.

As a method to solve such problems, we have developed ForkEye, which is a pallet recognition function.

By installing ForkEye on CarriRo Fork, the following operations can be supported.
① Collaborative work with manned forklift
Even if the pallet placed with a manned fork is placed out of the set position, it can be handled.
② Unloading from stacked pallets
With stacked pallets, the height of the pallet changes depending on the quantity and type of luggage, but you can recognize the height of the upper pallet and unload it.
③ Unloading from truck
The position of the pallet changes each time depending on the position of the truck and the location of the pallet in the truck, but by recognizing the position of the pallet, you can unload from the truck.
④ Cooperate with external equipment such as AGV, vertical carrier, automated warehouse
The pallet position may change depending on the pallet supply accuracy on the external device side, but proper cooperation is possible by recognizing the pallet position.

You can see a demonstration of this function using real machine at [ZMP World 2020 Demo Week].
Application page:

[About Unmanned Forklift CarriRo Fork]
The unmanned forklift CarriRo Fork is a product that contributes to the unmanned transfer work in distribution warehouses and factories by using ZMP's Autonomous Driving technology to perform autonomous movement and automatic fork control. The feature is that it can be installed in a few days from the pre-mapping of the work area to the start of operation with a simple setup.

[CarriRo Fork Price]
CarriRo Fork (Reach type): 5-year lease for JPY 338,000 per month (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo Fork (Reach type) Fork Eye installed model: 5 years lease for JPY 350,000 per month (excluding tax) / 1 unit
* Purchase is also possible. The price may change without prior notice.

[Main product specifications]

Carriro fork

Body dimensions
Length 2307 x Width 1380 x Height 2750 (mm)
Forklift type
~ 1400kg
Maximum speed
4.2km/h when not loaded, 3.6km/h when loaded
Movement accuracy / Stop accuracy
± 20mm / ± 20mm
Vehicle weight
Safety function

Laser sensor, bumper sensor, emergency stop button

[Press Release Article]
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[High quality image]
CarriRo AD+ recognizes the position of the pallet
Recognize the position of stacked pallets

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