Walking Speed Mobility "RakuRo®" 10 units package sales start

-A limited-time campaign: totally 10 million yen off-

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) announces a limited-time campaign for 10 units pachage of Autonomous Driving single seater robot "RakuRo®". If you purchase a set of 10 RakuRos, you will get 1 million yen off each unit, for a total of 10 million yen off. This campaign is limited to orders placed within the year, so please consider installing our Autonomous Driving robots.

<Image of using multiple RakuRos>

Cherry-blossom viewing tour

Tour around the zoo

Wandering along the Sumida River

<Introduction price>
The installation price at the time of practical use is described below. In addition, driving feasibility verification includes map and route creation as initial work, and it will be an individual estimate from 2 million yen according to the environment and conditions.

● Operating cost: Lease fee 120,000 yen / unit per month ( purchase: 6.5 million yen / unit)
10 pack purchase privilege: 10 million yen off (1 million yen off per unit)
101,000~ yen / unit per month (purchase: 5.5 million yen / unit)

● Initial cost: 2 million yen ~
(Map creation, route setting, on-site tuning, demonstration experiment)

<About Waling Speed Mobility Robot "RakuRo" product HP>
Product HP URL:https://www.zmp.co.jp/products/lrb/rakuro

<About RakuRo Use Case>
RakuRo is designed to be compact, assuming that it will run on the sidewalk. Therefore, it can be used in various places and areas such as leisure facilities, tourist spots, zoos and sharing within the area. In addition, by always connecting to the network, it is possible to get the information and location of the robots, the state of the user, etc., and it can also be used to provide new services such as MaaS services, remote control and watching functions.

[About Waling Speed Mobility Robot "RakuRo"]

RakuRo is a single seater robot that automatically travels communicating with people around it with its facial expressions such as smiles and winks and voice greetings. It provides safe and reliable movement to the destination by autonomous driving that can observe and monitor the surroundings with multiple sensors and cameras installed on the robot and stop safely while avoiding obstacles. Since it is classified as an electric wheelchair that travels at speeds of 6 km / h or less, it can travel on public roads. It is also registered in the Welfare Equipment Information System (TAIS) operated by the Techno Aid Association.

[About RakuRo Sharing]
In the Tsukuda / Tsukishima area, we operate a RakuRo Sharing service which can take you to a destination and a walk autonomously. For details, please click the URL below or search for "RakuRo Robo Town".

[Press Release Article]

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