Option to link with MATLAB/Simulink for “RoboCar1/10X”, robot car for autonomous driving and AI technology development, is now on sale

RoboCar 1/10X

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) is pleased to announce the launch of RoboCar 1/10X MATLAB Connection 2021, an optional product for the RoboCar 1/10X, a robot car for automated driving and AI technology development that is compatible with MATLAB/Simulink.

RoboCar 1 / 10X is a robot car which is 1/10 scale of actual vehicle based on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier development kit that corresponds to the open robot source software ROS (Robot Operating System). Since the launch of last December, it is installed in research and education institutions such as automobile / parts manufacturers and universities for technology development, for Autonomous Driving · AI development, training and education.

"RoboCar 1/10X MATLAB Connection 2021" includes a library for connecting MATLAB/Simulink and RoboCar 1/10X, and a vehicle model for route design. By controlling RoboCar 1/10X from the MATLAB / Simulink program with this product, it is possible to design the route on MATLAB/Simulink, check the simulation, and compare it with the actual machine. For example, in the case of research and development of autonomous driving such as parking, lane change, obstacle avoidance, etc., the optimum route (smooth steering wheel operation and less lateral G) is calculated according to the target position and direction, and the steering angle is estimated by MATLAB / Simulink using vehicle two-wheel model. Simulation on MATLAB/Simulink can be performed based on this steering angle, and it is possible to compare the planned route with the simulation result and control the route based on the difference. Since the same MATLAB / Simulink program can operate the RoboCar 1/10X, it is possible to efficiently perform simulations and experiments using sensor data in the actual environment.

The price of this product is 200,000 yen (excluding tax), and we will start accepting orders from today.

Simulink model

Sensor value acquisition image

[Autonomous Driving / AI technology development RoboCar 1/10X]
Product website:https://www.zmp.co.jp/products/robocar/robocar-110x

The RoboCar 1/10 series is a 1/10 scale vehicle equipped with a monocular camera, front and rear LiDAR, acceleration / gyro sensor, and encoder. In addition, a library for acquisition of various sensor information, speed / steering angle control, communication, etc. is available. It is an open hardware that allows you to freely develop applications using these.

【Product Specifications】

* The specifications of this product may change without notice.


Software on the main unit side

Joystick controller, control / drive battery charger

【Product price】
RoboCar 1 / 10X: Regular price 1.8 million yen (excluding tax) / Academic price 1.44 million yen (excluding tax)
(Includes software development environment (SDK))
Rental price: 150,000 yen (excluding tax) / month <Support from 1 month period>

RoboCar 1 / 10X MATLAB Connection 2021: 200,000 yen (excluding tax)
(This is an option for those who already have RoboCar 1 / 10X)
* The prices above do not include the MATLAB / Simulink license fee.

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