New showcase: Single Seater Robot "RakuRo" travels on roads with no distinction between roadway and sidewalk, and steep slopes

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) releases a new video of an example of using Walking Speed Mobility® RakuRo® on public roads.

ZMP advocates the concept of "RoboTown", a city where humans and robots coexist, and develops the single seater robots RakuRo, the unmanned home delivery robots DeliRo® and the unmanned security and disinfection robot PATORO®. RakuRo provides a sharing service as a new means of transportation for local people in Chuo-ku, Tokyo as a practical service, as well as support moving people from facilities for the elderly to medical institutions. , It is expected to play an active part in situations including various road environments such as Autonomous Driving tours in tourist spots. Therefore, it has the feature that it can be used not only in a wide and flat sidewalk environment, but also in living roads without sidewalks and steep slopes. This time, we will release a new video of these features.

Autonomous Driving video of RakuRo traveling on various roads
* Refer to the video on the site

1. Autonomous Driving on roads with no distinction between sidewalks and driveways
・ On roads without sidewalks, RakuRo can travel on the roadside zone while watching the situation of pedestrians and vehicles.
・It can be used in living environments such as RakuRo sharing

Smooth traveling while avoiding utility poles

Autonomous Driving according to the road conditions

2. Climbing steep slopes]
・ RakuRo can smoothly go up slopes up to 8 degrees, which is difficult for people to walk up.
・ It can be used in sloped areas such as hot spring areas and hilly tourist areas.

Steep slope max. 8 degrees

Climb swiftly with Autonomous Driving

[About RakuRo]

RakuRo is a single seater robot that automatically travels communicating with people around it with its facial expressions such as smiles and winks and voice greetings. It provides safe and reliable movement to the destination by autonomous driving that can observe and monitor the surroundings with multiple sensors and cameras installed on the robot and stop safely while avoiding obstacles. Since it is classified as an electric wheelchair that travels at speeds of 6 km / h or less, it can travel on public roads. It is also registered in the Welfare Equipment Information System (TAIS) operated by the Techno Aid Association.

[About RakuRo product HP]
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We also sell a great deal of packages that allow you to purchase 10 RakuRo units at once for a limited time this year.

[About RakuRo Sharing]
In the Tsukuda / Tsukishima area, we operate a RakuRo Sharing service which can take you to a destination and a walk autonomously. For details, please click the URL below or search for "RakuRo Robo Town".

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