Logistics support robot CarriRo AD + price down by 20%

-Additional 35% off for a full automation package with more than 20 units-

CarriRo® AD + (cart type)

CarriRo® AD + (pallet loading type)

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) will significantly renew the product price for the logistics support robot CarriRo AD + (heavyweight autonomous driving model).

Logistics support robot CarriRo is mass-produced as a robot for labour saving and efficiency increasing by reducing the load of transportation work in factories and the logistics industry, where labour are rapidly declining due to the declining birthrate and aging population. Since the CarriRo sales started in 2016, more than 250 companies have introduced CarriRo.

The cost of parts are reduced, and we believe that many companies would find it difficult to install automated equipment under the uncertainties in business performance and physical quantity due to the COVID-19. Therefore, for the latest model CarriRo AD + (dolly type and pallet loading type), we will reduce the selling price by 20% from the conventional price and provide it as a product that is easier to install.

In addition, if it is installed as a full automation package with a set of 20 units by the end of December 2021, we will apply a discount of up to 35% on the main unit price from the renewed price. It is a plan that can be used for full automation at a single site or simultaneous deployment at multiple sites.

[Price revision of CarriRo AD +]
(cart type): 5-year lease monthly fee 73,000 yen (excluding tax) / unit → monthly fee 58,400 yen (excluding tax) / unit
(Pallet loading type): 5-year lease monthly fee 82,000 yen (excluding tax) / unit → monthly fee 66,400 yen (excluding tax) / unit
* Purchasing is also possible

【Logistics Support Robot CarriRo】

Logistics support robot CarriRo is the product developed from ZMP's autonomous driving technology such as Auto taxi. In the logistics industry, where labor is rapidly becoming scarce due to the declining birthrate and aging population, we are selling for the purpose of reducing the burden of transportation work and labor saving and efficiency improvement. Currently, we have introduced a total of about 250 users since the start of sales, and with the new added value of autonomous movement, we are expanding the introduction to various fields such as the service industry such as hotels, including distribution bases and factories.
Product Web URL:https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/

[Main product specifications]* The following are CarriRo® AD + specifications.

Body weight
55 kg

Width 61 cm × Depth 91 cm × Height 24 cm
* Handle part is 96 cm

Maximum loading capacity
200 kg
Maximum speed

3 km/h (Autonomous Moving mode)


600kg equivalent

​ ​* It depends on the condition of the road and boggie.
Charging time
Two and a half hours​ ​
Operating time

8 hours

* It may be different depending on the operating condition

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