Single seater robot RakuRo field test on Otemae-dori, Himeji City

Autonomous Driving robots support walkable urban development​​​​​​​

RakuRo and Himeji Castle

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) will support a field test with Autonomous Driving Mobility on Otemae-dori conducted by Himeji City for the second year. 

Himeji City is conducting the "Walkable Promotion Plan" to revitalize the central city area around Otemae-dori as "creating a town that makes you want to walk", creating an attractive city for citizens and tourists.

In this field test, people can travel on Autonomous Driving robot RakuRo, experience AR (augmented reality) while riding on RakuRo and check tourist information and the running status of the robot with digital signage. In addition, at the Robot Station, they can experience the walkable city in various ways such as VR (Virtual Reality) and robots showcase.

ZMP will support walkable town development by providing RakuRo to Himeji City, and will also promote the "RoboTown" concept.

Service route and course fee

[Outline of field test]
Date and time: October 23rd (Sat) ~ November 19th (Fri) 2021, 9: 00-12: 00/13: 30-16: 30
Except Every Tuesday, October 24th (Sun), November 6th (Sat), November 7th (Sun)

Organizer: Himeji City
Support Partner: ZMP Inc.

* Payment is cash only.
* Schedule is subject to change without notice.
* It will be canceled in case of rain.

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[About Himeji Walkable Promotion Plan]
Himeji City is engaged in activities toward the realization of "Himeji, a lively exchange base city, live and shine together" that protects and supports the three LIFE of "life force," "human life," and "living." As one of them, they are advocating "improvement of urban infrastructure that supports living". As a town development that makes people want to walk, they are conducting the "Walkable Promotion Plan" to revitalize the central city area around Otemae dori, and they are creating an attractive city for citizens and tourists. In addition, in order to realize the plan of Himeji City, ZMP became the managing company and established the "Himeji Walkable Council" in May this year and started activities.

[About RakuRo]
RakuRo is a single seater robot that automatically travels communicating with people around it with its facial expressions such as smiles and winks and voice greetings. It provides safe and reliable movement to the destination by autonomous driving that can observe and monitor the surroundings with multiple sensors and cameras installed on the robot and stop safely while avoiding obstacles. Since it is classified as an electric wheelchair that travels at speeds of 6 km / h or less, it can travel on public roads. It is also registered in the Welfare Equipment Information System (TAIS) operated by the Techno Aid Association.

[About RakuRo product HP]
Product HP URL:
We also sell a great deal of packages that allow you to purchase 10 RakuRo units at once for a limited time this year.

[About RakuRo Sharing]
In the Tsukuda / Tsukishima area, we operate a RakuRo Sharing service which can take you to a destination and a walk autonomously. For details, please click the URL below or search for "RakuRo Robo Town".

[Press Release Article]
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