The new model "CarriRo® Tractor 5T", an unmanned towing vehicle with a maximum payload of 5 tons 

-Completely unmanned pallet transport in cooperation with unmanned forklifts-

CarriRo Tractor 5T towing luggage

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) announces the CarriRo® Tractor 5T (5 tons) type.

ZMP started selling CarriRo Tractor 2.5 tons type to transport goods between factory buildings and pallets in warehouses in 2020. It contributes to labor saving in factories and distribution warehouses. Also in order to improve transportation efficiency, there are cases where a heavier payload is required, and in order to meet such demands, we have developed the CarriRo Tractor 5T, which has a maximum payload of 5 tons.

The CarriRo Tractor 5T uses a body manufactured by Linde Material Handling, same as forklift CarriRo Fork. Hence it also adopts the "laser guidance method", there is no need to install any guidance on the road surface. It can be easily installed and changed. By linking CarriRo Tractor and an unmanned forklift, it is possible to realize completely unmanned pallet transportation.

This product is scheduled to start shipping in 2022, and detailed information such as timing and price will be released in December 2021.

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[About Carri Ro Tractor]
The unmanned towing vehicle CarriRo Tractor can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be driven automatically by setting a route on a predetermined map. It can be used for humanization.

It can also be used in the warehouses and logistics center when carrying out pallet transportation work in a lump.

[Main specifications of Carri Ro Tractor 5T (5 tons)

Body dimensions
Width 1000mm x Height 2300mm x Depth 1700mm
Tow type
Induction method
Laser guidance method
Driving method
Autonomous/manual switchable
Vehicle weight
Automatic: Maximum 3.6km / h
Manual: Maximum 8km / h
Travelable tilt angle
Full load: 3 degrees, empty: up to 13 degrees

* Product specifications are subject to change.

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