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Autonomous Driving utilization service for MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

ZMP has been providing support services for technology development utilizing autonomous mobile and Autonomous Driving techniques. From now on, we will also provide support services for customers who want to commercialize and utilize Autonomous Driving technology to provide services.

Autonomous Driving service needs

Various application methods can be considered for service provision utilizing Autonomous Driving.From the customer's request so far these are the following needs.
In addition, we will respond to various other needs according to your request.
Drawing on needs relating to Autonomous Driving service

Provided contents of Autonomous Driving service

ZMP provides necessary technologies related to services such as Autonomous Driving vehicles, Autonomous Driving system IZAC, vehicle management (FMS), etc.

1. Autonomous Driving vehicle
Autonomous Driving vehicles can choose base vehicles according to demand such as RoboCar SUV of SUV type vehicle which is popular,even overseas hire service or RoboCar MiniVan of minivan type vehicle provide more room compared to SUV.

2. Autonomous Driving system
Autonomous Driving system is equipped with ZMP made IZAC. It is also possible to customize control according to your request by utilizing the control algorithm and recognition technology cultivated in past Autonomous Driving development and public road demonstration experiment.

3. Vehicle management (FMS)
When providing services, application services such as vehicle allocation, reservation, payment, etc., monitoring of multiple vehicles, etc. are required, but we will also provide support for applications and servers around the service as a service.
Service image provided by ZMP

Scope of Autonomous Driving service

With this service, it is possible to deal with the range including hardware, software and reservation system utilizing Autonomous Driving vehicles, customers are ready for infrastructure preparation, service applications such as sightseeing information and coupon issuance and operation.
Image Scope of Autonomous Driving service image

Customer benefit of Autonomous Driving service

Customer benefit through Autonomous Driving utilization service for MaaS (Mobility as a Service)


You can experience the above benefits from our service.

ZMP will support you as a development partner of next-generation mobility utilizing Autonomous Driving.For inquiries about detailed services, please contact us from the below contact links.

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