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Autonomous Driving

In this solution service, we support the development of services and tests using Autonomous driving tailored to customers by combining Autonomous Driving technology.

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In addition, we outline the various services of Autonomous Driving solution below. For details of each item, please refer to the relevant page.

Approach to ZMP's Autonomous Driving technology development

ZMP started with the development of a biped walking robot and started the Autonomous Driving technology development in 2008 and has been engaged in development of Autonomous Driving so far.

Utilizing know-how for providing customized services to customers and technology development for in-house Autonomous Driving development.

Refer to the pages of our previous efforts on Autonomous Driving in ZMP.

Four features of ZMP service used for Autonomous Driving solution

Utilizing experience and knowledge cultivated up to now, we provide application services of Autonomous Driving technology.
From automotive vehicle hardware, software, dispatch application and running management system. We also offer consulting services for realizing driving scenario.

 1. Full support from hardware to software and flexibly adapt to your needs
2. Various applications are possible, not limited to places such as public roads and private lands (test courses)
3. Delivery application and flight management system (FMS) vehicle management tool also provided
4. Provide consulting and engineering services for realizing driving
and so on.

For examples on application services of Autonomous Driving technology, please check from below.

Products used for Autonomous Driving solution

In order to realize Autonomous Driving, it is necessary to provide vehicle hardware capable of Autonomous Driving, software for controlling the vehicle, sensor for performing sensing required for Autonomous Driving, vehicle management / remote monitoring system, driving support consulting and staff dispatch service.

We have worked on designing and manufacturing core parts of these product groups with ZMP.

We can also apply customization of additional sensors necessary for sensing, as well as mobile bodies (robots, ships, trucks, buses, construction machines, agricultural machines etc.) other than cars.
Products that constitute the service of the Autonomous Driving solution are introduced below.

1. Autonomous Driving vehicle platform RoboCar® Series
2. Autonomous Driving software IZAC®
3. Sensor for Autonomous Driving
4. Distribution application & vehicle management/remote monitoring system

By combining the above factors, we can realize Autonomous Driving solution service according to customer's request.

For details of each product, please check the following.

Application of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) customization of Autonomous Driving solution

In recent years, due to the "declining population" and "aging society", the number of people holding moving bodies such as cars has been decreasing. The "Mobility as a Service (MaaS)" called "Mobility and a transport service that users can use without owning a moving body (Mobility) such as a car" is increasing all over the world.

ZMP provides "Autonomous Driving platform" (Autonomous Driving system + service platform) that combines MaaS service created by customers with their own Autonomous Driving technology.

For details of MaaS development solution utilizing Autonomous Driving, please check the following.

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Phone Inquiries​ ​
Please contact at 03-5844-6210 (Robolution Department).
(Reception Time: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Autonomous Driving solution service introduction menu