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Autonomous Driving solution - Customized service on application of autonomous mobile technology -

ZMP will make use of the experience and knowledge we have cultivates so far and provide consulting services for realization of driving scenarios, from autonomous vehicle hardware to software, dispatch applications, driving management systems, and driving scenarios.

Below, we will introduce use case scenario applying Autonomous Driving technology.

Tire performance test project by Bridgestone

ZMP Inc. and Bridgestone Corporation have announced the start of a development project to automate the tire noise tests, one of Bridgestone’s tire performance tests. Currently automotive driving of manned vehicles at Bridgestone’s proving ground has been achieved and the aim is at the implementation of SAE-Level 4 automotive driving for unmanned vehicles.

Komatsu, unmanned Autonomous Driving project of rough terrain carrier "Crawler dump CF-1"​ ​

Komatsu and ZMP have achieved unmanned Autonomous Driving in the Komatsu IoT Center Tokyo where Komatsu promotes the initiative leading to the future site solution "Smart Construction" that connects the entire site with ICT to improve productivity.​ ​ The Crawler Dump CF-1 unmanned Autonomous Driving vehicle is equipped with ZMP Autonomous Driving software IZAC®, various sensors such as GPS (GNSS), stereo camera, etc., and controls the vehicle necessary for Autonomous Driving, Self-position estimation, object detection, route planning generation, inter-vehicle communication technology using WiFi equipment.
Check the special page for the details of the automation customization project of construction machines with Komatsu and ZMP.

Komatsu x ZMP Autonomous Driving project special page

Kyushu Institute of Technology developing Autonomous Driving traveling system in cooperation with newly developed sensors

The Autonomous Driving system provided by Kyushu Institute of Technology is linked with a noncontact biometric sensor developed by Kyushu Institute of Technology and has a function to automatically send a detected signal to an Autonomous Driving vehicle when it detects dozing by a sensor.
Autonomous Driving introduction by Professor Sato, Innovation Promotion Organization, Kyushu Institute of Technology
In providing solutions using Autonomous Driving, ZMP's products and technical capabilities can be applied to enable customization and technical support according to customer requirements.

Please check the following page for products that support Autonomous Driving of ZMP.

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