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Autonomous Driving solution - ZMP Autonomous Driving efforts -

ZMP started with the development of a biped walking robot and started the Autonomous Driving technology development in 2008 and has been engaged in development of Autonomous Driving so far.

Following are the ZMP efforts:

Public road demonstration experiment

ZMP started demonstration experiment of Autonomous Driving(with the driver) in the public road of Aichi prefecture and later started in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo and Odaiba, where the traffic volume is very high.We are developing and verifying functions such as lane change and intersection right / left turns in the traffic environment.

Completely unmanned remote operation driving test

At the end of 2017, we conducted a demonstration experiment on the public road Autonomous Driving with the driver not in the driver's seat.
In the area of ​​Odaiba, remote monitoring was carried out, the driver constructed a system that can respond from the remote monitoring room in emergency, and carried out level 4 Autonomous Driving.
Completely unattended remote operation driving experiment system configuration image

World's first Autonomous Driving taxi business run

In August 2018, in cooperation with the Hinomaru taxi, the world's first commercial operation of Autonomous Driving taxi from Tokyo Station (Otemachi) ~ Roppongi was carried out.
In addition, we selected the customer/passenger from public by lottery, and we have also received comments that "Users were able to get on safely and securely".
At ZMP, while verifying the improvement in acceptability of Autonomous driving to society and the feasibility of services, we have developed an environment where society can accept autonomous driving cars, and have developed technology.

In ZMP, we provide application support services for Autonomous Driving technology that provided customers with the technology we cultivated through in-house development.

Check the page about the application support service of Autonomous Driving.

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