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自律飛行ドローン AEROBO

Overview · Features

Aerosense's fully autonomous drone AS-MC 02-P, will perform complete autonomous operation from take-off to landing.
In addition to high-performance standard cameras, you can install various payloads as needed, and can be used for a wide range of applications such as surveying, inspection, monitoring and logistics.
· Completely autonomous flight including takeoff and landing
· High performance camera installed
· Acquisition of GPS data embedded image
· High expandability


Aircraft name AS-MC 02-P AS-MC02-TP *
Weight 3300 g  
Outer dimensions 431 x 431 x 363 500 x 500 x 363
OutsideDimensions(With guard) 800 x 800 x 363  
Loaded payload 500 g 3 kg ※
Flight time 20 min Half an hour※


4 cell, 10000 mAh 6 cell ※
Wind resistance 10 m / sec
Surveying accuracy Horizontal 3 cm, Height 5 cm or less
Amended air law Acknowledged
Supports nationwide comprehensive application
Propolis operation Correspondence
Guard DID district correspondence
Flight controller Our flight controller +
High Performance Application Processor (Linux)
Image EXIF ​​embedding Automatic embedding at shooting
Camera power supply Battery unnecessary (power supply from machine body)
Camera control Automatic shutter control
Surveying and inspection camera SonyDSC-QX30U
(2000 direction pixel x 30 zoom)
SonyUMC-R 10 C
(2000 pixel lens interchangeable type)
Movie camera with Glimbal
Far infrared camera
FLIR Vue Pro / Boson
Expansion connector USB 2.0, 3.0, UART, I 2 C, SPI
External power output 5V, battery external output
Vision sensor Downward camera
Wireless communication 920 MHz, 2.4 GHz
Preferred power supply system Up to 100 m (Flying flight is possible)

Selling price

One machine 1.6 million yen (separate operation terminal and training)

Rental price

1 machine 1 field 200,000 yen / week (initial training separately)

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