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Autonomous flight drone AEROBO


Aerosense's fully autonomous drone AS-MC 03 will perform complete Autonomous driving from take-off to landing.
In addition to high-performance standard cameras, you can install various payloads as needed and can be used for a wide range of applications such as surveying, inspection, monitoring and logistics.
· Completely Autonomous flight including takeoff and landing
· High performance camera installed
· Acquisition of GPS data embedded image
· High expandability
· I-construction compatible


Aircraft name AS-MC03 
Size (Motor diagonal)  550mm
Weight (Excluding battery)  2.6kg
Payload  最大500g
Motor  DC プラシレスモーターx4
Flight control · Automatic navigation by flight plan
. Manual operation from the ground station
· Switching between automatic navigation and manual operation during flight
Automatic takeoff and landing  可能
Flight time  20分以上
Maximum flight speed  15m/s
Flight altitude  上限解除可能
Environmental resistance  耐風性能:10m/s
Water resistant  防水性能:IPX3
Dustproof  防塵性能:IP4X
Reliable function

· Ensure visibility of the front and back of the aircraft due to LED lights

· Automatic feedback based on the battery remaining level reference value

· Automatic feedback due to communication disconnection (configurable)

· Emergency landing by GPS signal break

· Remote emergency stop

· Runaway flight prevention (automatic propeller stop at abnormal inclination detection)

Camera DSC-QX30U made by Sony
Sony UMC-R10C

Sale price

1 machine 1.6 million yen (separate operation terminal and training)

Rental price

1 machine 1 field 200,000 yen / week (separate initial training)

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