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8ch wireless brain wave sensor BR8

8-channel wireless electroencephalogram sensor BR 8 Overview · Features

It is a wireless electroencephalogram sensor (dry type) that measures the potential by attaching an electrode to the head of a subject by a head band.
Because it enables wireless communication, it is measurable regardless of location, and it is not only in the automotive field but also in research and development in the field of healthcare, neuro marketing, entertainment.You can use in evaluation of feeling such as concentration state, comfort and enjoyment​ ​

It consists of a wireless brain wave sensor, wavemeter monitoring software, software development environment (SDK), and the brain wave sensor has eight channels of electrodes. We also have 32 other channels available.
We provide C # and Android development environment for application development using brain wave sensor data.
Wireless electroencephalogram sensor is easy to attach and detach, it can be worn by one person and can start the experiment easily.

【Main application】
· Study on feeling evaluation of driver of car
· Research on drowsiness detection and measurement
· Concentration training
· Neuro Marketing
· Research in health care and entertainment fields
· Evaluation of user interface of health equipments, household appliances

【Major features】

. It is possible to install even one person. Easy detachable design with dry type sensor
· Measurement of 8 channels possible
. Eliminate the trouble of conventional wired. Battery built-in wireless measurement type

8ch wireless brain wave sensor BR8 specification

  8 channel type
Number of channels (number of electrodes)  8
Sample rate  500Hz
Resolution  24bit
Bandwidth  >0.23Hz
Communication  Bluetooth2.1
Maximum uptime  10時間
Data form  edf/bdf/txt/cnt/csv
Supported OS  Windows XP, 7, 8/ Android2.3以上
Number of channels (number of electrodes) 8


Dry electrode type Foam / Spring-loaded Battery Life OVER 10 HOURS
Sample rate 1000 Hz Dimensions 20 X 20 X 17 CM
Resolution 24 bit Event Locking RS 232 / BLUETOOTH
Amplifier 1365 OUTPUT FILE EDF / BDF / TXT / CNT / CSV
Bandwidth 0.12 to 125 Hz OS Compatibility UP TO WINDOWS 8 / ANDROID 2.3 OR HIGHER
※ This product is a product developed by Brain Rhythm Inc., a venture from Taiwan National University of Transport and The Brain Science Institute.
※ This product is not medical equipment.

8ch Wireless Electroencephalogram Sensor BR8 【Price】

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