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CarriRo® Creation

"CarriRo®" is for the movement of goods. ZMP presents the logistics support robot CarriRo® and the unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork as products using Autonomous Moblity technology.

In addition, we have a lineup of POWER WHEEL II trolley-type robots that can be controlled by programs which can be used to study new logistics robots.

Logistics support robot CarriRo®

CarriRo® product page

CarriRo® is a bogie type Logistics support robot with Autonomous Driving function available in Drive mode, Karugamo mode were a joystick can be operated to follow a beacon (transmitter) and Autonomous Moving mode. CarriRo® has a track record of more than 100 users since the start of its sales and after the introduction of Autonomous Moving mode in November last year. CarriRo® has not only introduced in logistics bases and factories but also in-service industries like hotel.
CarriRo FD
Simple model with assist function and follow-up function
CarriRo® AD
Model equipped with autonomous movement function utilizing landmarks
CarriRo® AD +(AD Plus)
A heavy-duty model that can handle a maximum payload of 800kg which is more than twice the capacity of the previous model

Unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork

ZMP has started sales of the unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork, which can operate a forklift easily, safely and efficiently without the need for workers with special skills, by automatically carrying out cargo handling operations using a forklift. With simple setup, Autonomous Driving technology can be implemented from work area pre-mapping to operation.
Unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork
Realization of automation in cooperation with unmanned forklift CarriRo®​ AD +
​ ​using Autonomous Driving technology

Trolley type development platform POWER WHEEL II

It is a mobile platform product for R&D which is controllable by program. It is a 6 wheel (center drive wheel × 2, freely wheel × 4) truck of independent two-wheel drive system equipped with a large capacity lithium ion battery and using a high output motor.
Trolley type development platform POWER WHEEL II
Mobile platform for research and development

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