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CarriRo® Creation

Like "RoboCar for the movement of people", "Carriro for the movement of goods" other ZMP products are Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli , Logistics support robot CarriRo® which work using Autonomous Driving technology.

We also introduce a trolley type robot POWER WHEEL II that can be controlled by a program.

Logistics support robot CarriRo®

CarriRo® is a bogie type Logistics support robot with Autonomous Driving function available in Drive mode , Karugamo mode where a joystick can be operated to follow a beacon (transmitter) and Autonomous Moving mode. Since the start of sales, there has been a track record of accumulating more than 100 users.It is introduced not only to the distribution centers, factories, etc. but also to the service industry such as hotels and is introduced to various other fields.
Assist function, Tracking function, Autonomous Movement function
CarriRo® AD Autonomous Moving model
The latest model equipped with Autonomous Moving function utilizing landmark
CarriRo® Ride
Logistics robot equipped with a boarding board

Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli​ ​

Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli aims to eliminate the problem of the last one mile of logistics and help daily shopping by applying the Autonomous Driving technology cultivated through the development of Autonomous Driving technology of automobiles.Currently, we are looking for business partners to commercialize the world's first delivery service.
CarriRo® Deli
Provide last one mile solution with delivery robot

【Related products】Trolley type development platform POWER WHEEL II​ ​

It is a mobile platform product for R & D which is controllable by program. It is a 6 wheel (center drive wheel × 2, freely wheel × 4) truck of independent two-wheel drive system equipped with a large capacity lithium ion battery and using a high output motor.
Trolley type development platform POWER WHEEL II​ ​
Mobile platform for research and development