New function CarriRo® external I/O function equipped model with infinite possibilities

What is the CarriRo® external I/O function model?

The CarriRo® I/O function-equipped model outputs a preset signal from the CarriRo® AD to an external device when the CarriRo® AD detects a variable landmark. Control of external devices such as PLC can be performed based on the output signal. On the other hand, the external device side can also control the CarriRo® AD by inputting a travel instruction such as start or stop to the CarriRo® AD. As a result, by connecting CarriRo® AD to an external device at the customer side, the possibilities for various operations are expanded, contributing to further automation and labor saving.
CarriRo® usage image utilizing external I/O function

CarriRo® External I/O function concept image

The following operations can be performed by using this external I/O function.
· Automatically isolate the towing vehicle pulling at a specific position in cooperation with the automatic towing withdrawal device
· Cooperate with PLC to automatically open and close the shutter and get on and off the elevator/lift
· Collaborate with PLC and manage running condition (running, stopped) etc., of multiple CarriRo® AD
· Cooperate with the conveyor and load and unload cargo automatically from CarriRo® AD
(※PLC: Programable Logic Controller)

For example, by combining CarriRo®'s Autonomous Movement function, it is possible to link equipment and traction functions, and depending on the idea, it is possible to infinitely expand how to use CarriRo®.


58,000 JPY / month for 5-year lease
(This model is shipped as CarriRo® AD external I/O function installed model.)


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