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Logistics support robot CarriRo® Ride that can carry both person and goods at the same time

What is CarriRo® Ride?

CarriRo® Ride is CarriRo® at the base which can connect to the optional product board. The operator can carry and move goods for long distance without walking.
CarriRo® Ride inside a shopping mall
This leads to a reduction in workload in places where long distance transportation is required such as at warehouses and factories, as well as at stations, airports, shopping centers, etc. At the same time, by utilizing CarriRo® 's Following model, it is possible to carry more than one package at a time, contributing to more efficient transportation and labor saving.

Boarding boards can be purchased as "CarriRo® Ride" option with CarriRo®. Person who weigh under 100kg can ride and is able to carry upto 100kg of goods on the loading platform.

CarriRo® Ride video

CarriRo® Ride demonstration inside a shopping mall

Characteristics of CarriRo® Ride

· Utilizing CarriRo® drive mode it is possible to move and carry goods without walking
· Used at Warehouse, factory as well as at station, airport, shopping center
· Easy attachment to CarriRo® bottom handle
. Capable to carry up to 100 kg and transport up to 100 km
· Maximum speed is 6 km
· Continuous operation for 8 hours is possible with charging for 2.5 hours
· Optional boarding board price is 300,000 yen (excluding tax)

Recruiting Partners

We are also looking for partners for CarriRo® Ride demonstration tests at warehouses, factories, airports, stations, shopping centers, retail stores, etc.


Boarding board option 300,000 yen (excluding tax)
※ You can use it in conjunction with the Logistics support robot CarriRo®.


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