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Package "Cartomo UP USB" which can acquire in-vehicle CAN data from automobile diagnostic connector OBDII via USB

Cartomo UP USB package configuration overview
Branch cable (option)


This product is an interface module that can acquire in-vehicle CAN data using OBDII for car diagnostic as a hardware, OBDII / I / O module that can input external synchronization signal and supply power to other devices, D-SUB conversion cable, and USB cable. The branch cable for simultaneous acquisition of CAN data of another channel is an option. In addition, as software, a configuration tool that can check communication settings and data of CAN, a database creation function that extracts a specific ID from CAN data, converts it to a physical value, etc., and plays back stored log data as test bench data.It integrates a Viewer application that integrates the functions you want.
In research and development of automobiles and in-vehicle devices, we can realize synchronous acquisition of CAN data of different channels such as vehicle data and external sensors, and can be utilized to simplify complicated actual vehicle test handling a lot of data.

. In-vehicle CAN data can be acquired from automobile diagnostic connector OBDII with compact CAN-USB interface module (Figure 1)
· It is possible to acquire CAN data of 2 channels in total by using branch cable (Figure 2)
· USB bus power drive
· Supply power to other devices by power output
· Synchronization signal can be input by digital input (1 channel)
· Built-in terminating resistor (set with rear switch)
· CAN communication setting · Monitoring tool included (Windows)
· Database creation tool for extracting CAN data and converting it to physical values ​​and log data reproduction tool included (Windows)
· API to utilize converted data in database prepared


Number of CAN channels 2 (when branch cable is used)
CAN baud rate Maximum 1 Mbps (125, 250, 500, 1000 [kbps] switching)
Controller CAN 2.0 A, 2.0 B (ID: 11, 29 [bit])
PC bus interface USB 2.0 (bus power supply)
IO interface Digital input × 1 (Schmitt trigger, maximum 1 [kHz], maximum 30 [V])
Analog input × 1 (0 to 16 [V], 12 [bit])
Time stamp 10 [μs]
Power supply output USB bus power (5 V) / EXT (maximum 16 V 3A)
LengthxWidthxHeight/ Weight (CAN-USB interface part) About 60 × 40 × 20 [mm], about 50 [g]
Application Windows 7/8
Driver Windows 7/8, Linux
Operating environment -20 ~ 60 [℃] ※ No condensation


カートモUP USB 105,000円(税別)
· CAN-USB conversion interface (ZMP CAN USB-Z cable type) × 1
· OBDII cable (OBDII male ⇔ D-SUB 9 pin female) × 1
· USB (micro B male ⇔ A male) cable × 1
· Application CD-ROM × 1
- コンフィギュレーションツール
- マニュアル
- データベース作成アプリケーション
· Viewer application CD-ROM × 1
- Playerアプリケーション
- マニュアル
分岐ケーブル(オプション) 5,000円(税別)
DSCF 1763 Cable option to branch D-SUB 9 pin (female) of CANUSB-Z to connector of CAN 0 and CAN 1.
· D-SUB 9 pin male / D-SUB 9 pin male ⇔ D-SUB 9 pin female

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