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World's smallest class wireless electrocardiograph ZMP® ECG 2


This product is compact and lightweight about 15 g and enables wireless measurement.
The sampling rate corresponds to 256 Hz / 204 Hz / 128 Hz / 100 Hz and the 3 axis acceleration sensor and the temperature sensor are carried.
By using a unique communication protocol to reduce power consumption, it is possible to continuously measure approximately 48 hours when measuring all sensor data with a single button battery and approximately 120 hours when measuring only electrocardiogram. Monitoring software is included, attach the electrode to the body, attach it to the chest and start the measurement immediately by pressing the switch. It can be used for applications such as acquiring biological information in the fields of robotics, biomedical engineering and welfare engineering, measuring the electrocardiogram of drivers in the automotive field and measuring health conditions.

· About 15 g (including batteries) and compact, lightweight and wireless. Reduce burden on subjects
. After attaching the electrode and mounting it on the chest as it is, if you press the switch, an electrocardiogram etc is displayed on the personal computer.
· Small but multi functional , high performance (baseline stability , low power consumption , wireless function). Since there is no burden of wearing as its is small, it can be used widely from children to elderly people.

Continuous 72-hour measurement with button battery is possible. Automatic communication recovery function available
Drive continuously for 72 hours with a coin battery (CR 2032) that you can buy at a convenience store.
If sampling is halved (100 Hz) it will continuously drive for about 7 days.

Start attachment by attaching an electrode, attaching to the chest, pushing a switch.
With original protocol development, pairing is minimized with initial setting alone.
Even if the radio waves are cut off, automatic communication recovery function with reliable, timestamp function is carried.
Complex measurement is possible by measuring three axis acceleration and temperature at the same time.

Also equipped with 3 axis acceleration and temperature sensor. Posture and exercise are also telemetered
Heart rate variability analysis is also possible if you use electrocardiogram electrocardiogram analysis software (optional).
Software Development Kit (SDK, sold separately) is also available for developers. You can develop applications with VC ++.

Heart rate variability real time analysis program
It is possible to read the autonomic balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves by analyzing heart rate variability with this program.
The analysis result is updated every 2 seconds. It is also possible to save the analysis result and the collected ECG waveform and reanalyze the same data.
An event mark (number) can be inserted during measurement and it serves as information necessary for inspection and long-term recording.
It is possible to judge the medication effect or the massage effect. It is also applied to inspection of fatigue and stretch.

Operating System
OS: Windows XP / VISTA / 7
CPU: Atom N 280 1.6 GHz or higher
RAM: 1 GB or more
HDD: 160 GB or more
Display: 1024 * 600 or more
Also, use CD-ROM for installation.
Price is stated in "Price" at the bottom of the page.

Application example
Robotics engineering, medical bioengineering, welfare engineering: biological monitoring, anthropometry, sleep research and so on. (Please consult us when measuring myoelectric potential)
Automobile, EV, Next Generation Mobility: Measurement of electrocardiography of driver, measurement of health condition.
Health care: For living body monitoring at home, during rehabilitation, during exercise: Health care, fitness.


Function, performance, etc.
 Item  仕様  備考
 サイズ、形状  Width 41 mm Length 44 mm Thickness 9.34 mm (± 0.1 mm)  Weight 15 g (including batteries)
 電池  Lithium battery CR2032 3V  
 素材  ABS resin (plastic)  Material that does not affect the living body
 無線種別  2.4 GHz band advanced low power data communication system  
 送信周波数  2404 MHz to 2452 MHz 4 MHz interval 13 waves  
 送信電力  1 mW (0 dbm)  
 転送レート  1 Mbps  
 通信プロトコル  Proprietary system with CRC  
 消費電流  Approximately 1.35 mA during operation  About 4 μA at standby time
 通信距離  Approximately 20 m  
 連続使用時間  About 72 hours (ambient temperature 25 ° C)
Electrocardiogram only (optional) About 120 hours
Depends on usage conditions
Depends on usage conditions
 入力インピーダンス  100MΩ以上  
Cardiac amplification Gain
Low frequency cutoff frequency
High cutoff frequency
Sample rate
60 dB to 80 dB variable
0.05 Hz to 0.32 Hz variable
100 Hz fixed
256 Hz / 128 Hz switching possible (Can also be set for 204 Hz / 100 Hz switching)
Initial value 60 dB
Initial value 0.16 Hz Time constant 1 second
The factory sampling rate is 256 Hz / 128 Hz. If you would like to have 204 Hz / 100 Hz, please let us know in advance.
Temperature Built-in temperature sensor sampling rate Resolution 0.1 ° C
Accuracy ± 2.0 ° C - 10 ° C to + 65 ° C
Every 5 seconds
Acceleration Built-in acceleration sensor
Acceleration range
Sample rate
3-axis acceleration sensor
± 2 g to ± 16 g (variable)
200 Hz switchable
Factory change
Other Receiver interface
Reception / display software
Operating temperature range
USB 2.0 / 1.0 12 Mbps
Dedicated monitor software (real time display · storage) 0 ° C to + 50 ° C
OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 (32 bit, 64 bit)


※ Individuals can also purchase.
ZMP® ECG 2 - Design with less burden on both researchers and subjects is possible. Waveform display of electrocardiogram, monitor software which can store data is also included: Commercial Price 398,000 yen (excluding tax), Academic Price 248,000 yen (excluding tax)
Heart rate variability real time analysis program: 800,000 yen (excluding tax)
Development environment - Software environment of ZMP® ECG 2: 100,000 yen (excluding tax)
ZMP® ECG 2 + development environment - a set of ZMP® ECG 2 and development environment: Commercial Price 498,000 yen (excluding tax), Academic Price 348,000 yen (excluding tax)
ZMP® ECG 2 + heart rate variability real-time analysis program - a set of ZMP® ECG 2 and heart rate variability real-time analysis program: Commercial Price 1,128,000 yen (excluding tax), Academic Price 998,000 yen (excluding tax)


Heart rate variability real time analysis program

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