Autonomous Driving and ADAS

PCs introduced by ZMP

ZMP provides computers (PCs) that can be used for research and development of Autonomous Driving and robot technology.
The different PC and its features and explained below.

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On this page, we will introduce the PC for " Autonomous Driving " "robot" with the following contents.

What is a computer (PC) for research and development of "Autonomous Driving " and "robot"

A computer (PC) utilized in Autonomous Driving and robot research and development is said to be "automotive" or "industrial", and unlike PCs that are usually used, It can move to stable data collection and processing.
Experiments in various situations such as wide range of temperature difference environment from high temperature to low temperature, intense vibration such as running on bad roads, research at bad weather, etc., are conducted in the field of research and development of Autonomous Driving and robot. It is very important to collect data stably without these influences in order to conduct efficient R & D. In addition, it is necessary to gather vast amounts of data and also machine power to process it.
ZMP deals with products that have the following features as research and development PCs for " Autonomous Driving " and "robot".

Introduction of Autonomous Driving,Robot research and development PC by ZMP

【STACKRACK】SR 200 series | MIL compliant, environmental resistant fanless PC

The SR 200 series of embedded PCs with the MIL standard is a product which is recognized for its performance and high environmental resistance.In addition, it is a high performance embedded computer equipped with Intel® chipset and NVIDIA GPU GTX 950M. In addition, SR 200 is compatible with a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 70 ° C and it has high shock resistance and vibration resistance conforming to MIL-STD-810G, it also demonstrates performance under harsh environments.

【STACKRACK】HORUS series | 19-inch rack mount resistant fanless PC

The HORUS series of 19-inch rack mount type PCs demonstrate high graphic performance by installing Intel® chip and NVIDIA GPU GTX. It supports a variety of interfaces, 10 GbE high-speed data transfer, LAN, USB, COM port.It is possible to connect with various devices.HORUS 420 realizes high reliability and stability under extreme temperature environment of -40 to 50 ° C.

【Neousys】 Nuvo-5100 VTC series | Compact and high-performance PC with abundant proven track record for in-car use

The Nuvo-5100 VTC is a 6th-generation Intel Core processor (Skylake) on-board fanless PC with a type approval E mark and EN 50155 (railroad standard) according to EU directive.

Since the M12 connector is used for the 4-port PoE port as an interface, it is excellent in vibration resistance and impact resistance, and it has become internally equipped with a mini PCIe socket for 3G / 4G communication.

Related products / services

IZAC - Autonomous Driving software for automating various machines​ ​

IZAC® is a software platform for Autonomous Driving.

By connecting a sensor to a computer (PC) equipped with IZAC® and making it recognize it is possible to control every machine by making judgments and controlling through IZAC®'s control components. Through IZAC®, you can do all the cognition, judgment and operation necessary to move the machine.

In addition, IZAC® was designed and developed from the scratch as a middleware and environment specialized for Autonomous Driving automobiles on public roads. It has been adopted as a platform for demonstration tests of Autonomous Driving that ZMP has been doing so far.

IZAC is also used to automate construction vehicles in collaboration project with KOMATSU.Apart from construction machinery projects it is used cross-cuttingly in various projects like Autonomous driving vehicle, bus, home delivery robot etc.

About IZAC adoption case
ZMP and Komatsu joint approach to Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving vehicle RoboCar series

RoboCar began selling RoboCar 1/10 in 2009, and since then has offered RoboCarMV 2, a one-seat electric vehicle type, a minivan type vehicle RoboCarMiniVan, and a highly popular SUV type vehicle RoboCarSUV for abroad high-service. Therefore, it is possible to select the type of vehicle according to the application.

For details of each model please refer to the links below.
RoboCar® SUV
Commercially available SUV vehicle based Autonomous Driving vehicle development platform
RoboCar® MiniVan
Commercially available hybrid minivan based Autonomous Driving vehicle development platform
RoboCar® MV 2
Single-seat electric vehicle based Autonomous Driving development platform
RoboCar® 1/10
Program controllable platform of radio control car type


How was that ? ZMP conducts research and development of Autonomous Driving technology on a daily basis in order to perform the above services.

The PC-handling Autonomous driving and robots which we introduced can handle from Autonomous Driving research,development to research of robotics at university and is capable for various data measurement,temperature and vibration etc. It can also be used in situations where various data can be stably collected and processed even in any environmental conditions.

Depending on the contents of customer's research and development the required specifications differ.

If you are considering to purchase the above PC, please do not hesitate to contact us from the inquiry link below.

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