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RoboTest® special feature page for driving test & driving data acquisition solution

​ ​"Driving test" is the key to technological development

While the development of "ADAS technology" and " Autonomous Driving technology" is progressing rapidly, the evolution of automobiles has received a lot of attention worldwide. The process common to all technologies in the process is "driving test". Acquiring "more" meaningful data "more" and "more efficiently" in driving tests is an important key in accelerating the development speed of modern technology. However, it takes huge time and labor to acquire good quality running data.

What is the process of "data acquisition in driving"?

As mentioned above, there are many assumed processes such as "preparation", "driving", "analysis" etc. to measure traveling data and various problems will occur in each phase. RoboTest® offers comprehensive contract processing of all processes according to the purpose and request of customers to provide good quality data.

Strengths of "RoboTest"

Since RoboTest® is composed of two companies, "a knowledgeable technology group" (ZMP) and "rich test personnel and management technology group" (ZEG), it is efficient and provide good quality data.
Because we have rich experience of traveling, it is possible to commit the driving conditions that meet your requirements.
By doing this, it is possible not only to run as a work but also to acquire data according to the purpose, so we can expect to provide better quality data.
Support from ZMP engineers from the upstream process is possible.
We will hear your request and propose the most suitable "equipment" "sensors" "vehicle".

A wide range of measurement solutions!

It is possible to simplify cumbersome data measurement by using ZMP proprietary logging application.
In addition it is also possible to provide a complete set of logging systems according to your request.
We can collect and manage troublesome drivers collectively.​ ​
We do all data management and troubleshooting as well as driver assignment which takes time and trouble in large-scale traveling.
If necessary, we can build a system dedicated to the project and more detailed routing is also possible.
Bulk contracts such as importing and exporting equipment, locally procuring vehicles, dispatching drivers, etc. are possible.
If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.
Using deep learning that ZMP is developing, we can post-process the acquired data and extract and analyze the scene.

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