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High precision RTK-GPS / GNSS RTK Position-Z

RTK reference station & antenna appearance
Left: RTK antenna Right: RTK reference station


Provide equipment required for centimeter precision positioning. For position measurement of automobiles / construction machines / agricultural machines
This product corresponds to GPS and GLONASS and does centimeter precision positioning using RTK (real time kinematic).
It includes software such as base stations fixed in the field, mobile stations installed in vehicles, antennas and correction signal transceivers and viewer applications.
In software, it is possible to display real-time display of satellite capture status, radio (Zigbee) RTK correction data acquisition status, and facilitate investigation and construction of measurement environment. It also comes with a viewer that displays measurement data on a map (open street map) and displays it three-dimensionally. Correction data for RTK corresponds to delivery by wireless (Zigbee) and distribution via the Internet using Android terminal. A flexible system can be constructed according to the experimental environment. Correction data can be shared within a radius of about 5 km, so it is possible to measure the position of multiple vehicles and moving objects in the work field. It can be used in experiments such as vehicle running tests in test courses, high precision position measuring systems of moving bodies such as agricultural machines, construction machines, mobile robots, etc.


Item Specifications
Receiving satellite GPS L1, GLONASS L1
data format NMEA0183
Maximum output rate 10 Hz
Number of channels 16ch
Positioning accuracy

Independent positioning: 3 m

Dynamic RTK: 10 cm + 1 ppm x Baseline length (<5 Km)

Static RTK: 1 cm + 1 ppm x Baseline length (<5 Km)

Speed ​​accuracy 5 cm/s
Time precision 20 ns
External interface USB, Bluetooth
Power supply

Battery (3000 mAh, about 10 hours)

Size 150 x 110 x 40 mm
Ambient temperature -20~60℃


■RTK Position-Z Base station / mobile station set 2.1 million JPY (excluding tax)
RTK reference station, RTK mobile station, reference station antenna, mobile station antenna, USB cable, software (viewer),​ ​
Android application, server application (sample), etc.

■RTK Position-Z Additional mobile station set 1.1 million JPY (excluding tax)

RTK mobile station, mobile station antenna, etc.
* This is an optional product of the “Base station / mobile station set”.


Reference station & mobile station installation example
Left: Reference station unit Right: Mobile station unit
Example: measurement when moving 3 meters
Example: measurement when running on a test course of 1.2 km a week
Viewer screen (left: relative position / right: satellite capture information)


High-accuracy GPS receiving unit "RTK Position Z"product information

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