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9 axis wireless motion sensor ZMP® IMU - Z2 & SDK


It is an optimal motion sensor for measurement of human movement and others.
You can connect up to 28 pieces with Bluetooth (wireless) or CAN (wired) with 9 axis motion sensor of 3 axis acceleration, 3 axis angular velocity, 3 axis geomagnetism.
It can measure multiple movements on the body and measure motion in detail, and can be used for R & D of user interface.
An attitude estimation library with high accuracy and improved response speed by the extended Kalman filter (EKF) is also available.
A comprehensive development environment (applications, libraries, sample programs) is prepared for ZMP ® IMU - Z 2 for general products with sensor main body alone.

Features - Sensor

High speed and high precision
· Small size, high performance sensor device (manufactured by STMicroelectronics) based on MEMS (3-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis angular velocity sensor, triaxial geomagnetic sensor)
· Since it is possible to know the attitude by the geomagnetic sensor, absolute angle can be measured in a static state. Furthermore, by combining it with a gyroscope, even in a dynamic state it can be measured
· By changing the dynamic range, highly accurate measurement is possible according to the research application

Small / Wireless
· It is compact and can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you can choose the installation target and position.
· Lightweight that does not affect the exercise performance of the subject
· Can also be connected with wired (CAN)


Research and development of new devices themselves, Research and development of applications using new devices
· User interface
· Entertainment
·health care

For 3D motion measurement
· 3D motion analysis, human body measurement without camera · motion capture tool
· Research on human information, research on sensor networks
· Driver handle operation detection, dozing operation detection, factory worker operation monitoring
· Detection of load applied to objects (detection of excessive shaking on objects to be conveyed, detection of product storage status, etc.

System configuration example

System configuration example


Sensor Three-axis acceleration sensor (± 2/4/8/16 [G] (switchable), 12 [bit] *)

Three axis gyro sensor (± 250/500/2000 [deg / s] (switchable), 16 [bit] *)

3-axis geomagnetic sensor (± 0.88 to 8.1 [gauss] (switchable), 12 [bit] *) (depending on sampling rate)

CPU ARM Coretex-M3 processor
Communication interface Bluetooth Ver 2.0 + EDR Class 1, CAN
Sample rate Acceleration sensor: Maximum 1 [msec] / Gyro sensor: Maximum 3 [msec] / Geomagnetic sensor: Maximum 6 [msec]
Size 36 × 52 × 11 [mm] (board only 28 [mm] × 43 [mm] × 10 [mm])
Weight 20 [g] (battery, not including the band) When using only board 10 g
Power supply 3.3 to 15 [V]

* Extension of measurement range is also possible. Please contact us for more information.



Features - SDK

The SDK provides various functions for easily using the IMU - Z from the user 's application.
The SDK is provided as a Windows .NET component and can be developed in a general-purpose environment such as Micorosft Visual Studio. It is easy to integrate with other devices such as sensors available from Windows and to link with existing software assets.

Since we have a wealth of sample programs covering all the libraries, it is possible to start programming immediately.
A posture estimation library with high precision and improved response speed by the extended Kalman filter (EKF) became available (November 5, 2013).

Also supports Windows 7 "Sensor & Location Platform".
Since it is possible to control the device by standard API, application development using motion sensor on Windows 7 is easy.

Ready-to-use applications

· Graphical display of sensor data of 9 axis (3 axis acceleration, 3 axis gyro, 3 axis geomagnetism) and log output possible. Synchronize even when using multiple outputs.
· A library that can convert posture data and absolute coordinates by integrating 9 axis data is attached,
- Attitude capture based on the link information of multiple sensors attached to the body and a 3D viewer that can display its posture in real time are also included.

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Data logger package
Data can be acquired without using a PC, such as outdoor mobile objects and compact vehicles

MATLAB / Simulink compatible
Construction of application using 9 axis sensor and collection and analysis of sensor information possible on MATLAB / Simuink

Thin lithium ion battery (210 mAh) + charger
Only 7 g light weight lithium battery
"9 axis motion sensor learned with IMU - Z"
It is a text to learn the function, operation principle and data analysis method of 9 axis sensor (3 axis gyro sensor, 3 axis acceleration sensor, 3 axis geomagnetic sensor) from the foundation. It is a practical content to learn how to calculate speed, displacement, angle, etc. by using actual sensor motion data.
It also makes it easy to introduce to lessons, such as exercises with subjects such as gait and arm pretreatment.


■ 9-axis wireless motion sensor ZMP® IMU-Z2 & SDK
 一般 298,000円(税別)/ アカデミック 198,000円(税別)

 ワイヤレスモーションセンサ 1個
 アプリケーション:「Model Draw Application」、「3D Viewer」、「IMU-Z Viewer」

■ Wireless motion sensor (for addition)
 一般 98,000円(税別)/ アカデミック78,000円(税別)

Purchase by set
■3個セット For measurement of arms and so on.
 一般 494,000円 / アカデミック354,000円

■5個セット For measurement of both arms, upper body etc.
 一般690,000円 / アカデミック510,000円

■11個セット To measure the upper body.
 一般1,278,000円 / アカデミック978,000円

■ 17 pieces (whole body motion capture system BodyMotion)
 一般250万円 / アカデミック200万円


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