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9 axis wireless motion sensor ZMP® IMU - Z2 & SDK

Sold more than 1000 units since 2014.Definitive,ultimate version of motion sensor for research(IMU,acceleration sensor)

 Reason why IMU-Z2 is kept to be chosen


  ・軽量&コンパクト(20g & 36×52×11[㎜])



Also, it is easy to measure with three steps!
IMU-Z2 有線接続時(ケーブル長さは16mまで対応可) 
​ ​At the time of wireless connection (Lightweight lithium battery option) ​ ​
1. Install the driver → 2. Sensor Calibration → 3. Data measurement with attached application


·"IMU-Z2"is a lightweight,compact housing and suitable motion sensor to easily measure person's movement and mobile object.
· Mounted with a 9-axis motion sensor with 3-axis acceleration,3-axis angular velocity and 3-axis geomagnetism.Data is measured with Bluetooth(wireless) or CAN(wired).
· Enable to use posture estimation library with accuracy and improved responsiveness by Extended Kalman Filter (EKF).
· Enhance sufficient development environment include application,library,sample program for general products with a sensor body only.
· Enable to measure with a data synchronization of every sensor by using plural sensors.

Measuring image

Full body motion capture e-nuvo "IMU-Z BodyMotion" by 17 sensor modules


Single unit purchase
■ 9-axis wireless motion sensor ZMP® IMU-Z2 & SDK
 一般 298,000円(税別)/ アカデミック 198,000円(税別)
 ・IMU-Z2本体        ・IMU-Z-CANケーブル    ・電池BOX(バッテリーボックス)
 ・IMU-Z 固定バンド(1m)  ・IMU-Z 固定マジックテープ ・スイッチ操作棒
 ・IMU-Z-PC-NT-1m ケーブル ・CANUSB-Z ケーブルタイプ ・IMU-Z ACアダプタ(5V)
 ・IMU-Z HUB100
  ドキュメント(アプリケーション:「Model Draw Application」「3D Viewer」「IMU-Z Viewer」)

■IMU-Z2 ワイヤレスモーションセンサ 本体
 一般 98,000円(税別)/ アカデミック78,000円(税別) 
 ・IMU-Z2本体         ・IMU-Z-CANケーブル    ・電池BOX(バッテリーボックス)
 ・IMU-Z 固定バンド(1m)   ・IMU-Z 固定マジックテープ ・スイッチ操作棒

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