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ZMP IMU - Z Cube multipoint measurement logger package

ZMP IMU-Z Cube Multipoint Measurement Logger Package Outline / Features

Measurement system capable of multipoint measurement of acceleration up to 400 G
- Vibration measurement of automobile suspension, etc. Behavior of moving part · Impact measurement realized compactly -
Package Contents
It is a package with four standard 6-axis motion sensor "ZMP IMU - Z Cube", which is measured by CER 's high performance compact logger blue PiraT mini CAN made by Telemotive. Measurement can be performed at up to 5 places by additional acceleration sensor. In addition, GPS module "ZMP Position - Z2" and 9 - axis motion sensor "ZMP IMU - Z2" can be added instead of additional acceleration sensor to measure position information and vehicle attitude.
Composition contents
· IMU-Z Cube basic set
· IMU-Z Cube Additional Sensor
· Telemotive blue PiraT Mini CAN

Introduction of data measurement service
Everyone who is considering a logger package
Do you have any troubles with data measurement?

Through ZMP's automatic operation development and customization services,
We also offer data measurement service using real cars.

Measurement of data using a ZMP logger
We can provide necessary services according to customers' requirements and requirements.

For details, please check the following.

Real vehicle data measurement service RoboTest (Robotest)

ZMP IMU - Z Cube multipoint measurement logger package price

ZMP IMU - Z Cube multipoint logger package 1.2 million yen (excluding tax)
Additional options
ZMP IMU - Z Cube Additional Acceleration Sensor 10.6 million yen (excluding tax)
ZMP IMU - Z 2 298,000 yen (excluding tax)
ZMP Position-Z2 12.8 million yen (excluding tax)

ZMP IMU - Z Cube Multipoint Measurement Logger Package Usage Image

System configuration

Sensor installation example

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