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Full body motion capture ZMP® IMU - Z Body Motion Sensor Package


ZMP® IMU - Z2 Body Motion is a motion capture system that allows easy motion measurement of whole body.
It consists of 17 ZMP® IMU - Z 2 sensor modules, dedicated whole body suit, measuring instrument, software development environment, and can immediately build a motion capture system. Furthermore, in a single sensor (up to three) that can be attached to an arbitrary object. For example, in the automotive field, a sensor is attached to the whole body of a driver and a sensor is attached to the steering to synchronize the movement of the driver and the movement of the steering measurement is possible.
In addition, it can be used in various scenes, such as measurement of getting on and off of passengers and movement of the door and in the fields other than automobiles, such as the movement of workers at the factory and the movement of the object.

· Because it uses a small motion sensor without using a camera, it can measure without blind spots and without being caught in the place.
. Since IDs are assigned to each sensor, mistakes in measurement points do not occur,
· Functions (3D display, signal filtering, attitude estimator, kinematics, matrix, quaternion calculation) necessary for construction of motion capture system.
· Sensor 17 pieces/ Installation parts (belt,band,glove) and instrument for measurement so that you can construct the system immediately. Software development environment.
· Synchronous measurement of posture data of one sensor (corresponding to the maximum number) attached to work objects etc is also possible.


Sensor ZMP® IMU-Z2 sensor module × 17
Power supply 4 AA batteries × 4 (driving for about 2 hours), AC adapter
Mounting parts Head, shoulder, arm (upper arm, forearm, hand), back, waist, legs (thighs, calves, feet)
Software development environment ZMP® IMU-Z SDK
Measuring equipment Windows PC, Bluetooth module


■IMU-Z2 Body Motion
一般:250万円(税別) / アカデミック:200万円(税別)
<内容>センサ17個、電源・ケーブル、開発環境(IMU-Z SDK)、全身スーツ、計測機器(Windows PC)



1. Package Transport
2. Driving position
3. Bicycle
Upper part: Optional mounting part (maximum 3 places)


Full body motion capture e-nuvo "IMU-Z BodyMotion" by 17 sensor modules

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