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Data logger package

Data Logger Package Outline / Features

ZMP®IMU-Z Data Logger Package
~ Enable measurement of 9 axis motion sensor without using PC ~
Combined with a data logger with abundant achievements as an in-vehicle data logger, it is possible to measure without using a PC, measuring while traveling outdoors, compact vehicles that are difficult to mount a PC, It will be easier to measure with moving bodies, etc., and it is expected that the degree of freedom of research and development will increase.
Available immediately with 9 axis motion sensor (ZMP ® IMU - Z), data logger (Vector · Japan GL 1000), dedicated cable set
Data is recorded on the SD card. Can be measured without using a PC
A compact cabinet with no choice of measurement location
Simultaneous logging of analog (4 ch) and LIN (2 ch) in addition to CAN is also possible
By combining with position sensor ZMP® Position-Z (sold separately) GPS, pressure, temperature and humidity can also be measured
Introduction of data measurement service
Everyone who is considering a logger package

Do you have any troubles with data measurement?
Through ZMP's automatic operation development and customization services,
We also offer data measurement service using real cars.
Measurement of data using a ZMP logger
We can provide necessary services according to customers' requirements and requirements.
For details, please check the following.
Real vehicle data measurement service RoboTest

Data logger package specification

CAN channel Two user configurable CAN channels
LIN channel Two independent LIN channels (TJA 1020)
memory SD memory card (maximum 2 GB)
SDHC memory card (maximum 32 GB)
PC interface USB 2.0 High-speed (USB 1.1 compatible)
Logger capacity 2 GB Number of CAN messages: about 100 million (in the case of DLC = 8)
Data export format CANalyzer / CANoe / CANape / CANgraph (ASCII binary, MDF), MS Excel
Output Four user-configurable LEDs
Buzzer loudspeaker
Control input Analog input x 4 (0 to 16 V, sampling rate, maximum 1 kHz, resolution 10 bits, precision 1%), digital input / output × 2 (0 to 36 V)
Bus Error Log CAN error frame, remote frame, LIN bus error
Real time clock Date and time
Start-up time 150 ms (when 2 GB Xmore SD memory card is used)
Supply voltage 5.8 to 30 V
Current consumption In sleep mode: Standard value 160 μA
Normal operation: Typical value 55 mA, 12 V
Temperature range -40 to + 85 °C (Ddepending on SD memory card)
Size About 107 × 85 × 35 mm

Data Logger Package Price

ZMP® IMU-Z Data Logger Package General 518,000 yen / Academic 418,000 yen (excluding tax)
ZMP® IMU-Z & SDK 2011 x 1
Data logger GL1000 x1
Dedicated cable
ZMP ® IMU - Z Data Logger Option 220,000 yen ※ Personal direction that you have IMU - Z (excluding tax)
Data logger GL1000 x1
Dedicated cable
※ Price is not included

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