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MATLAB / Simulink compatible

Overview and features of MATLAB / Simulink

MATLAB / Simulink is widely used in control fields such as automobiles and mobile robots.
With "IMU-Z MATLAB Connection", it becomes possible to build applications using acceleration, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensors, such as vehicle motion control and robot attitude control, and to collect and analyze sensor information on MATLAB / Simuink I will.
MATLAB / Simulink's advanced signal processing function, data visualization function, and block dialogue programming makes it possible to advance from research to product development in a consistent system, leading to improvement in research and development efficiency.
* MATLAB connection option does not correspond to RealTime Workshop.

It is possible to acquire data of 3 axis acceleration sensor, 3 axis gyro sensor, 3 axis geomagnetic sensor (CAN or Bluetooth connection).
MATLAB / Simulink block provided. Application development with block diagram is possible, not programming with text like C language.
Provide sample program for data acquisition, display, logging.

MATLAB / Simulink compatible price

General 20,000 yen, Academic 10,000 yen

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