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Small mobile robot Koala 2.5

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On June 1, 2011, we agreed to cross-sell the two companies' products with Swiss K-Team, which develops and sells small mobile robots for research and education, aiming to accelerate research in the field of car and robotics.
About K-Team: K-Team is a company established based on the results of the small mobile robot Khepera of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). We develop, manufacture and sell high quality small mobile robots used in advanced research and education including Khepera series widely used by researchers all over the world.

 小型移動ロボット Koala 2.5 仕様

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Koala 2.5 (price please inquire)
Koala 2.5 Support Package (1 year) (price please inquire)
※ English Manual is available.

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