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自動自動運転一人乗りロボ RakuRo(ラクロ)の動画 

自動運転一人乗りロボ RakuRo(ラクロ)の紹介動画や走行風景動画をご紹介しています。

Mobility partner "RakuRo (formerly: Robocar Walk)" promotion video

Harimazaka Sidewalk navigation with Mobility partner RakuRo (formerly: Robocar Walk)

Safe driving in busy streets of Marunouchi Nakadori, Tokyo with Mobility partner "RakuRo (formerly: Robocar Walk)"​ ​

Using Autonomous Driving mobility, Mobility partner "RakuRo (formerly: Robocar Walk)" makes daily commuting fun and convenient

Public road MaaS demonstration experiment promotion video utilizing airport limousine bus, Autonomous Driving taxi, Autonomous Driving mobility

自動運転一人乗りロボ RakuRoの試乗体験のご案内

For RakuRo, we provide a trial drive experience at the ZMP office (Myogadani, Bunkyo-ku) for customers who are considering introducing it.

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