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Konica Minolta 3D-LiDAR (Laser Radar)

コニカミノルタ製3D-LiDAR 外観
Perimeter scan image


This laser radar is a TOF (Time Of Flight) type laser radar that can scan a wide range of up to 24 layers in the vertical direction and horizontal viewing angle up to 120 °. Even at night, it is possible to detect and observe people and objects in real time while distinguishing between objects, such as topography and structures without being affected by lights such as street lights.
Moreover, sensing without gap can be obtained and information of higher density than conventional LiDAR can be acquired and it can be used for recognizing thin lines and small shapes which could not be detected by conventional methods.

In addition, in order to realize Autonomous driving, it is required not to receive influence of disturbance light such as headlights and streetlights as much as possible at night, but to correctly detect the movement of cars and people. The Konica Minolta's 3D laser radar employs a high precision coaxial optical system technology that irradiates rays returning through the same orbit (axis), thereby eliminating disturbance light such as the sun and headlight as much as possible. Even for outdoor applications, highly accurate measurement can be performed as shown below.

It is also possible to distinguish objects such as road white lines and asphalt by measuring the intensity of the returning light.
Combined with real-time detection, there are possibilities as various environmental recognition sensors such as construction machines, distribution conveyance machines and mobile robots.

As a development environment, SDK (Software Development Kit) is offered to facilitate the analysis of measurement data by 3D laser radar, enabling easy and short-term introduction for each application.

In the development of Autonomous driving vehicles such as Autonomous driving/ADAS (advanced driving support technology), robot, etc., it is necessary to identify the position of the vehicle and detect other vehicles and pedestrians, obstacles, etc., existing in the surroundings.

This laser radar can acquire high-definition three-dimensional information in real time, it can be used as environment recognition sensor in various fields such as development of Autonomous driving / Advanced driving support system, construction machine, logistics distribution conveyance equipment.


· Up to 24 layers in the vertical direction and a wide range scan with horizontal angle of view up to 120 degrees are possible
· It is possible to acquire high-definition three-dimensional information while achieving both the above angle of view and real time
· Maximum measuring distance vehicle:100 m or more Person:50 m or more
· Resistant to disturbance light
· Realize pixel placement with no gap

Measuring image

Daytime measurement image
Nighttime measurement image


Measurement results obtained can be seen at the bottom of the video
Measurement results obtained can be seen at the bottom of the video


Item Specifications
Laser stability

Class 1 (Infrared laser)

Detecting distance

0.5 m - 30 m (Reflectance 10%)

0.5 m to 200 m (Reflector)

Distance resolution 0.0625 m
Detecting field angle Horizontal 120, Vertical 15 (24 lines)
Angle resolution Horizontal 0.12, Vertical 0.6
Number of times of scan 10 times per second
Operating temperature -20 to 60 C
Protective class IP67
External dimension W 176 x D 153 x H 132 mm (except connector parts)
Weight 2 kg
Energy consumption 14 W


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