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Cartomo ® UP PRO - 2 Channel CAN Dual Bluetooth Transceiver


Using the diagnostic connector OBD II installed in the car, we can acquire in-vehicle ECU information (OBD II information and all the flowing CAN information) from the CAN bus, and at the same time, the user can select any vehicle Sensor information can be acquired from another CAN bus.
Moreover, the latest MEMS 6 axis sensor (3 axis acceleration sensor + 3 axis gyro sensor) is also installed in the main body, and it can acquire the behavior of the vehicle together.
The data flowing through the 2-channel CAN bus network is synchronized, time-stamped and transferred in real time by the two Bluetooth modules. In the viewer software "Cartomo RUP PRO Viewer", necessary data can be acquired from the CAN packet with the specified bit / byte and the conversion coefficient can be set.
It is the latest device that looked at the information service of a new car by big data processing, which can be saved via personal computer, in-vehicle data logger, etc. in the coming age of the car. In addition, it is possible to develop filtering, logging and additional applications with the attached PC application.
We are also conducting actual vehicle experiments in R & D using this product, and market research by public drivers on public roads.

Optional software
■ Cartomo UP PRO & Player
With this software, log data saved at the time of actual driving can be used as test bench data.
Since it is possible to repeat the application test using data acquired during actual vehicle traveling, it is possible to reduce the number of actual vehicle runs. It is also possible to develop and test applications that use data that is difficult to reproduce, such as dangerous driving operations, smoothly.

· Send all in-vehicle CAN information to PC via wired or wireless (*)
Using the OBDII connector, all CAN information flowing on the in-vehicle CAN bus is acquired and transmitted to the PC with wireless (Bluetooth 2 channel) or wired (USB) (OBDII information can be transmitted as CAN information (hexadecimal))
(*) In the case of wireless (Bluetooth), the transfer amount is limited.
· Synchronous acquisition of 2 channels of in-vehicle CAN bus + external CAN bus
Acquires CAN information of two channels including the car-mounted CAN bus and an external CAN bus equipped with an arbitrary sensor etc. by adding a time stamp of simultaneous sequence
CAN transfer speed can be set individually for each channel
· New 6 axis MEMS sensor (3 axis acceleration + 3 axis gyro sensor) mounted
· Measure vehicle behavior simultaneously

Cartomo UP PRO Viewer
. It is possible to acquire necessary data with the specified bit / byte from the CAN packet and set the conversion coefficient
· Real time display and logging of all CAN data and OBDII information on PC
· Driving log playing software cartomo RUP PRO Player (option software)
· Log data saved by Cartomo UP PRO Viewer can be played.
· Identification of available OBDII information and confirmation by physical quantity
· It is possible to identify OBDII information corresponding to StandardPID from CAN information. By specifying StandardPID, you can convert it to physical quantity and check it.
* Acceptable CAN information, OBDII information varies depending on the model.

Introduction of data measurement service
Does anyone have any troubles with data measurement?
ZMP also offers data measurement service using actual cars through Autonomous driving development and customization services so far.
It is possible to provide necessary services according to measurement of data using ZMP logger and according to customer's request and requirements.
For details, please check the following.


Item Unit CartomoUP PRO
CAN  ch  2
Bluetooth  -  v2.1+EDR class2 x2ch
USB  ch  2(Slave,Host)
Integrated sensor  -  ジャイロ3軸、加速度3軸
Operating voltage  V  5~30
Operating temperature  ℃  -20~60
Storage temperature  ℃  -20~85
Size  mm  58x95x18
Weight  g  72
Time stamp resolution  us  10
Maximum data transfer rate  frame/sec  4000+4000
Price  -  9万円(税別)


■カートモUP PRO
一般:9万円(税別) / アカデミック:7万円(税別)
 ・カートモUP PRO本体  ・OBD II専用ケーブル  ・USBケーブル
 ・CD(「カートモUP PRO Viewer(ビューワ)」アプリケーション、マニュアル、コマンドリスト、コネクタ仕様)

■カートモUP PRO & Player
Commercial Price:120,000 yen (excluding tax) /Academic Price:90,000 yen (excluding tax)
 ・カートモUP PRO本体  ・OBD II専用ケーブル  ・USBケーブル
 ・CD(「カートモUP PRO Viewer(ビューワ)」アプリケーション、マニュアル、コマンドリスト、コネクタ仕様)
 ・CD (Cartomo UP PRO Player)


(Left) Cartomo UP PRO viewer / (right) Example of implementation on a car
Data collection / Utilization image
Product Summary
Data collection and analysis system

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