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GPS/Air pressure integrated position sensor ZMP® Position-Z 2

ZMP® Position-Z 2


This product is a sensor module that integrates GPS and barometric pressure sensor and outputs measured data in CAN format.
In addition to US GPS, it corresponds to the Japanese quasi-zenith satellite "MICHIBIKI" and Russian "GLONUS", and compared with our conventional products.
The number of corresponding satellites has doubled, and the positioning sensitivity in valleys of buildings etc. has improved due to the liberty located just above Japan.
Measurement data is output in CAN format, so it can be used in combination with vehicle information, combined with other measuring instruments and data loggers.
The acquired GPS data can be converted to KML file and can be displayed on Google map.
Furthermore, by connecting with our 9-axis Wireless Motion Sensor ZMP® IMU-Z 2, it is possible to simultaneously acquire position information (GPS + atmospheric pressure) and behavior information (acceleration/gyro/geomagnetic).

Products include a sensor module, viewer software for displaying measurement status in real time and
it includes a software development environment that can utilize sensor data from other systems.

【Main application】
· For position measurement of car, ship, construction equipment, agricultural equipment etc
· Research on regenerative energy of electric vehicles
. Control of the aircraft using altitude and barometric pressure data
· Development of equipment requiring position information, control of moving objects
· By cooperating with the motion sensor ZMP® IMU-Z2, it is possible to simultaneously measure the position information and behavior of a moving object such as a car, a ship, a construction equipment, an agricultural equipment

【Major features】
In addition to US GPS, it corresponds to Japanese quasi-zenith satellite "MICHIBIKI", Russian "GLONUS"
· Plot position information on Google Maps
· Integrated GPS and atmospheric pressure sensor. In addition to the latitude, longitude and altitude of GPS, it is possible to estimate altitude change with an atmospheric pressure sensor
· Wireless connection is possible by using in conjunction with ZMP ® IMU - Z2 or Carto ® UP PRO.
· Application development environment (SDK) included
· Provide ZMP® Position-Z2 communication library as .NET component
· Easy to build applications with Visual Studio
· Since it is CAN communication, logging with automotive data logger is easy
· UTC time, latitude and longitude CAN-ID can be freely changed, and can be easily incorporated into existing CAN system



Positioning accuracy: 3 m CEP (50%)

Channel: 99 channels, Geodetic data: WGS 84

GPS sensitivity: 165 dBm (tracking), 148 dBm (acquisition), quasi-zenith satellite / GLONAS compatible

Pressure sensor

Measurement range:260~1260hPa、Resolution:0,01hPa(about10cm)、Accuracy±0,1hPa(about1m、@800~1100hPa、25℃)、

Reference sensor temperature: 0 to 65 ° C

Communication interface

CAN(500k / 1MbPs 、スタンダードフォーマット) 

* Combination with ZMP® IMU-Z2 and Carto®UP PRO also enables Bluetooth communication

Sample rate

GPS: Up to 10 Hz Pressure: Up to 10 Hz

Operating environment Operating temperature: -30 to 85 ℃, operation guarantee temperature: 0 ℃ to 60 ℃ ※ No condensation
Power supply 3.3 V (input voltage range: 3.3 to 15 V)
LengthxWidthxHeight/ Weight

40 [mm] x 55 [mm] x 20 [mm], about 32 [g]


Products  一般価格(税別) Academic price (excluding tax)

GPS pressure integrated type position sensor ZMP®Position-Z2

<Product configuration>

ZMP®Position-Z2 sensor module, viewer software,

Software development environment (SDK), document

128,000 yen 98,000 yen

Sensor package capable of simultaneous measurement of vehicle position, behavior and environment
ZMP® Position & Motion

<Product configuration>

ZMP® Position-Z 2 sensor module,

ZMP® IMU - Z2 sensor module, viewer software,

Document * Software development environment (SDK) not included

276,000 yen 190,000 yen


ZMP® Position-Z 2 Installation in the car
Supplied viewer software

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