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Sensor package capable of simultaneous measurement of vehicle position, behavior and environment
ZMP Position & Motion

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Examples of various data measurement
(Acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetism, atmospheric pressure)
Measurement example (GPS)


It consists of a sensor module equipped with GPS and barometric pressure sensor and a sensor module with acceleration, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor, so absolute position information, vehicle behavior information, surrounding environment information can be measured simultaneously by CAN bus .
In experiments and measurements of moving bodies such as automobiles and transportation machines, if data of different manufacturers' sensors are recorded on separate lines, it takes time and effort to synchronize data, but by using this sensor package, (1) as absolute position information GPS, (2) Information on atmospheric pressure can be recorded on the same line at the same time as acceleration information (3 axes), gyroscope (3 axis), geomagnetism (3 axis), (3) .
Data is output in CAN and connection to other measurement system is smooth. This makes it unnecessary to synchronize multiple data strings obtained with different time series (time stamps), which can greatly shorten data processing time.

· Simultaneous measurement with GPS, acceleration (3 axis), gyroscope (3 axis), geomagnetism (3 axis), pressure, temperature, humidity up to 10 [msec]
· It consists of position sensor module (42 × 52.5 × 20.5 [mm]) and motion sensor module (36 × 52 × 11 [mm]),
· Can be measured with wired (CAN) or wireless (Bluetooth)
· CAN protocol release. Setting · Viewer application attached

Introduction of data measurement service 

Everyone who is considering Position & Motion sensor Do you have any problems with data measurement? ZMP also offers data measurement service using actual cars through automatic operation development and customization services so far. We can measure the data using our sensors and loggers and provide necessary services according to customer's requirements and requirements. For details, please check the following.

Real vehicle data measurement service RoboTest​ ​


■ Data Logger Package
Position & Motion Data Logger Package
Position & Motion, data logger (Vector · Japan GL 1000), dedicated cable, display software (vSignalyzer) are set, so it is ready to use.
Combined with the data logger "GL1000", which is rich in achievements as an in-vehicle data logger, it is possible to measure without using a PC, and it is possible to measure while traveling outdoors or a small size It will be easier to measure with vehicles and moving bodies, and it is expected that the degree of freedom of research and development will increase.
In addition, Vector Japan "vSignalyzer" is set as display software. You can display measured data on the time diagram as physical process data or display GPS data on Google map. Since specific geographical conditions can be considered during the evaluation, it is possible to interpret the recorded measurement data sophisticatedly.

■ Position & Motion
· It is possible to simultaneously measure GPS, acceleration (3 axis), gyroscope (3 axis), geomagnetism (3 axis), barometric pressure up to 10 [msec].
· It consists of position sensor module (42 × 52.5 × 20.5 [mm]) and motion sensor module (36 × 52 × 11 [mm]),
· Can be measured with wired (CAN) or wireless (Bluetooth)
· Real-time display, log acquisition application included

■ Data logger
· Data is recorded on the SD card. Can be measured without using a PC
· Select a measurement location with a compact housing
· Simultaneous logging of analog (4 ch) and LIN (2 ch) in addition to CAN is also possible

■ Display software vector - Japan "vSignalyzer (with optional GPS)"
· Measurement data is displayed on the time diagram as physical process data
· GPS data displayed on Google map etc. (*)
· Convenient functions such as display element, zoom (enlargement / reduction), measurement cursor, etc. that facilitate data evaluation
· Analysis can be automated using CANape's wide function library and external DLL
(*) Internet connection environment is required for display on Google Maps.
 オフラインで使用可 能のマップデータもご用意可能です。詳しくは フォームよりお問合わせください。

■ Position & Motion 2014 Data Logger Package
 ポジションセンサモジュール ×1
 モーションセンサモジュール ×1
 専用アプリケーション ×1
 USB-CAN変換ケーブル ×1
 データロガー GL1000 ×1
 データロガー専用ケーブル ×1
 vSignalyzer(表示ソフト) ×1

■ Position & Motion 2014 Data Logger Package (No Display Software)
It is a package of sensor module and data logger only, not including display software vSignalyzer.


Position sensor module ZMP ® POSITION - Z 2

Positioning accuracy: 3 m CEP (50%) Channel: 99 channels

Geodetic data: WGS 84 GPS sensitivity: -165 dBm (tracking), -148 dBm (acquisition)

Pressure sensor

Measurement range: 260 ~ 1260 bPa Resolution power: 0, 01 hPa (about 10 cm), accuracy ± 0, 1 hPa (about 1 m, @ 800 to 1100 hPa, 25 ° C)

Reference sensor temperature: 0 to 65 ° C

Communication interface

CAN(500k / 1MbPs 、スタンダードフォーマット) 

* Combination with ZMP® IMU-Z2 and Carto®UP PRO also enables Bluetooth communication

Sample rate

GPS: Maximum pressure: Maximum 10 Hz

Operating System

Operating temperature: -30 to 85 ℃, operation guarantee temperature: 0 ℃ to 60 ℃ ※ No condensation

Power supply 3.3 V (input voltage range: 3.3 to 1.5 V)
LengthxWidthxHeight/ Weight 40 [mm] x 55 [mm] x 20 [mm], about 32 [g]
Motion sensor module ZMP ® IMU - Z 2
Sensor  3軸加速度センサ(±2/4/8/16 [G](切替可)、12 [bit]*)
3-axis gyro sensor (± 250/500/2000 [deg / s] (switchable), 16 [bit] *)
3-axis geomagnetic sensor (± 0.88 to 8.1 [gauss] (switchable), 12 [bit] *) (depending on sampling rate)
CPU  ARM Coretex-M3プロセッサ
Communication interface  Bluetooth Ver2.0+EDRクラス1、CAN
Sample rate  加速度センサ:最大1[msec]/ジャイロセンサ:最大3[msec]/地磁気センサ:最大6[msec]
Power supply

3.3 to 15 [V]

LengthxWidthxHeight/ Weight  36×52×11[mm] 、20[g](電池は含まず)
Technical specification (GL 1000)
CAN channel  ユーザー設定可能な2つのCANチャンネル
LIN channel  2つの独立したLINチャンネル
memory  SDメモリーカード (最大2GB)/SDHCメモリーカード (最大32GB)
PC interface  USB 2.0 High-speed (USB 1.1互換)
Logger capacity 2GB  CANメッセージ数:約1億件 (DLC=8の場合) 
Data export format CANalyzer/CANoe/CANape/vSignalyzer (ASCIIバイナリ、MDF)、MS Excel 
Output  ユーザー設定可能な4つのLED/ブザー用ラウドスピーカー
Control input  アナログ入力x 4 (0~16V、サンプリングレート、最大1kHz、分解能10ビット、精度)、デジタル入出力×2 (0~36V))
Bus Error  CANエラーフレーム、リモートフレーム、LIN バスエラーをログ記録
Real time clock 日付および時刻 
Start-up time  150ms (2GB Xmore SDメモリーカード使用時)
Supply voltage  5.8~30V
Current consumption  スリープモード時:標準値160 μA/通常動作時:標準値55 mA、12 V
Temperature range  -40~+85℃ (SDメモリーカードに依存)
Size  約107 × 85 × 35mm


<CAN bus 1 Mbps compatible>
■Position&Motion (1M)  ・・・ 一般 27.6 万円(税別)/アカデミック 19 万円(税別)
■Position&Motion (1M) データロガーパッケージ(表示ソフト有り)・・・ 一般 94.6万円(税別)/アカデミック 86.6万円(税別)
■Position&Motion (1M) データロガーパッケージ(表示ソフト無し)・・・ 一般 49.6万円(税別)/アカデミック 41万円(税別)
 ※CANバス 500kbps をご希望の場合はお申し付けください。


Position sensor module (left) Motion sensor module (right)
Position & Motion Data Logger Package
Vector/Japan "vSignalyzer"

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