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Mobile platform for research and development platform POWER WHEEL II


This product is equipped with a large capacity lithium-ion battery and is an independent two-wheel drive type six wheels (center drive wheel × 2, freely wheel × 4) carriage using a high output motor.
It is a mobile platform platform product for R & D that runs for 8 hours *. (* Operating time varies depending on usage conditions.)

· The loading space is 650 mm in width × 950 mm in depth and the maximum loading weight is 100 kg.
· Utilizing a flat top plate part, you can mount various experimental equipment and cases and racks according to customer's request.
. It is developed as a research and development platform of automatic transportation / mobile robot which can carry out experiments for a long time with a large capacity battery.

Standard sensor
High precision rotary encoder, inertial sensor, ranging sensor, bumper sensor mounted

Option Sensor & Device
Laser sensors, stereo cameras, monocular cameras, etc. can be installed as additional sensors.
In addition, it can be used for remote control experiment using communication function from externally installed PC (option).

Development environment
Linux PC as a control PC, monitor and keyboard (optional) connected, on board development is possible.
As a software development environment (SDK), libraries such as acquisition of various sensor information, motor drive, communication (WiFi) and sample programs
It is attached, and customers can freely develop applications using these.

Scenes example of product utilization
Independent two-wheel-drive mobile truck platform available on indoor flat road platform
· To develop new services and build logistics systems using autonomous mobile carts


Body weight 82 kg
Size 698 mm - 998 mm, height 383 mm (without handle 327 mm)
Battery 24V 50 Ah, lithium ion battery
Power supply for peripheral equipment AC 100 V / 300 W, 24 V / 1A, 12 V / 0.5 A, 5 V / 0.5 A
Operating time 8 hours
Charging time Two and a half hours, special charger
Maximum load weight  100kg
Maximum speed  6km/h
Climb angle  3°
Traction  TBD
Operating temperature limit  0~40℃、結露なきこと、非防水
Drive part  ブラシレスDCモータ150Wx2個、電磁ブレーキ
※ Maximum 4
Standard sensor  ジャイロ、加速度、地磁気、測距(1DTOF)x8、
Bumper, rotary encoder x 2
CPU Intel Celeron N 2930
OS Ubuntu 14.04
Development language C ++
Compiler gcc
Configuration tool Qt creator, OpenCV 3.0, OpenGL
Communication with control equipment CAN (CANUSB-Z)
Communication with extended PC

LAN (Ether, WiFi)


CAN communication library, POWER WHEEL Ⅱ control library, extended PC communication library,

Self location estimation library, Path generation library

Sample application

POWER WHEEL Ⅱ control sample, attitude indication sample,

Target position designation & follow-up sample, communication server sample

* Because the product is being developed, the development environment may change.


POWER WHEEL II Basic Package: 3 million yen (excluding tax)
(POWER WHEEL II (main unit) + software development environment (SDK))
* For optional sensors and PC etc. we propose according to purpose.
It is also possible to customize the trolley size and number of motors according to your request. For details, please contact us.


POWER WHEEL II (prototype) Basic function introduction video
It is a product explanation movie making use of POWER WHEEL II (prototype).

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