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ZMP® PowerUnit Z 

ZMP® PowerUnit Z


In research and development of autonomous driving and advanced safety driving support, we consume large power in sensors and PCs that process the data.
For example, a PC equipped with a GPU that can perform advanced image processing at high speed consumes 300 to 400 W of electric power, and if four laser scanners used for sensing the external world are installed, 80 W of electric power is required.
On the other hand, the electric power that can be taken from the battery of the vehicle is about 180 W (15 A), for example, it only supplies power to the data logger and the sensor with low power consumption, and if you align the sensor, the camera and the processing PC etc.
Therefore, although it is necessary to prepare a dedicated power supply, considering ease of use, safety, etc., various kinds of equipment besides batteries are necessary, wiring and installation for connecting them becomes complicated.

This product consists of 12V / 100Ah (standard) battery, inverter, DC converter, and the power supply which can supply 1500W as a whole can be prepared in the vehicle.We can afford even if you connect a high spec PC for image processing with a liquid crystal display, laser scanner, camera, etc.
You can use this product by installing this product in a trunk room or connecting equipment that consume electric power, such as a PC, display, or sensor.
Normally, it was necessary to route voltage converters, AC adapters, wiring, etc. to the vehicle and fix all the devices such as the voltage converter, but this kind of trouble can be saved and a smooth actual vehicle experiment becomes possible .

【Main application】
· Experiment with actual equipment using equipment consuming large electric power
· Experiment in outdoor environment without power

【Major features】
· Large capacity 100 Ah
· High power 1500 W
· Integrate necessary functions as power supply device (sub battery can be detached)
· Supply 100 V AC
· Batteries can be replaced

【Main function】
. Over current protection (output side)
. Over current protection (input side)
· Can be charged with vehicle battery


Input 12V battery Vehicle 12 V direct battery connection

AC 100 V / 1500 W


Sub battery 12 V (Lead)  

100 Ah

Charge controller Up to 60 A charge Depending on the situation of the main vehicle battery
Safety function Main battery protection, sub battery protection, overload protection, temperature protection  
Operating temperature limit 0~40℃  
Size About 940 X 360 X 312 mm  
Weight 54 kg  


· Power Unit - Z: 900,000 yen (excluding tax)


PowerUnit-Z System Diagram
ZMP® PowerUnit Z Configuration Diagram
ZMP® PowerUnit Z product image

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