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Transfer assist robot Robin-T (Robin tea)

Transfer assist robot Robin-T overview / feature

This product is a product manufactured by Robot Manufacturers TAS of Korea and has a function to assist the person who needs a wheelchair etc from a wheelchair to a bed or a wheelchair to a toilet. It reduces the burden on the hospital, nursing care facilities, and families who need wheelchairs and their carers. This product does not require hospital, nursing home care facilities, foundation installation installation work on the residence, it can be used immediately after the introduction of the equipment.

We have already carried out the introduction verification at 20 hospitals in Korea and received evaluations concerning the reduction of work burden from users, doctors, nurses and nursing-related personnel. This product is equipped with an internal battery, it is fully charged in about 5 hours, in the above-mentioned Korean hospital there are continuous use cases of about one week by everyday use in the hospital.

Transfer assist robot Robin-T specification

Body dimensions 580 x 940 x 930 [mm] (W x D x H) * When the lift is lowered
Body weight 50 [kg]
Lift movable height 930-1300 [mm]
Liftable weight

100 [kg]

Battery charging time 5 hours (100% charge)
Front tread width 580 - 753 [mm]
Wheel base width 800 [mm]

Transfer assist robot Robin-T price

【Price】 Robin-T 600,000 yen (excluding tax)

Transfer assist robot Robin-T Used image

Robin-T use image (at lift-up)
Robin-T use image (at lift-down)

  移乗アシストロボットRobin-T 動画

【Korea Tea】

TAS is the only Korea vacuum transfer robot specialized company founded in 2004. We have the largest achievements in Korea for vacuum and atmospheric robots used for manufacturing process equipment in semiconductors, displays, and solar fields, and we provide robot solutions that are optimal for customer needs with technological capabilities and accumulated know-how I will.

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