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​ ​RoboCar Autoware package


Autoware is an open source software for autonomous operation system based on Linux and ROS (Robot Operating System), developed mainly for Nagoya University, published for research and development of autonomous operation.
ZMP's commercial hybrid vehicle base autonomous driving technology development platform RoboCar MiniVan / HV equipped with environmental sensors such as laser radar and camera. By installing Autoware as an autonomous driving software, it is possible to autonomously run route and preserve route while recognizing the vehicle position and surrounding objects.

■ RoboCar MiniVan Autoware Package
By introducing a 7-seater minivan-based car based robot car, it is possible to develop advanced research and development by installing equipment such as large-sized computers inside the vehicle and autonomous driving assuming that more people are to be transported.It can be applied to research and development of vehicles.
We will select the sensor with the ZMP, install it on the vehicle, install the Autoware and adjust the setting, run test on the test course, then deliver it as an autonomous driving system test vehicle. We will also provide technical support services, we will support customers' smooth autonomous driving technology research and development.

■ RoboCar HV Autoware package
It is a package with Autoware in RoboCar HV.
It is a car body that is easy to handle in terms of operation, such as good caring capital making use of a compact car body and storage of vehicles.

■ RoboCar MV2 Autoware package
RoboCar MV 2 is packaged with Autoware.
Among Autoware packages, by introducing a robotic car based on a single passenger miniature EV
It can be used for verification of social system using small mobility and examination of services using autonomous operation.

oCharacteristics of Car/Basic performance
· Can acquire CAN information (speed, steering, accelerator, brake, shift position, etc.)
· Optional external sensors such as stereo camera and laser range sensor, large capacity battery system, etc. can be installed
· Control of steering, accelerator and brake
· User program can be executed by ZMP proprietary controller
. Switchable between automatic control mode and manual mode


​ ​. Research and development of autonomous driving technology
· Research and development on autonomous driving technology
· To evaluate own devices such as sensors and car navigation systems
· Research and development on in-vehicle communication and inter-vehicle communication


<Basic function of Autoware>
· 3D map generation
· Three-dimensional self-position estimation
. Route generation
· Follow-up (0 to 60 km / h)
· Automatic stop
. Vehicle recognition
. Pedestrian recognition
· Lane recognition
. Label recognition
· Road sign recognition
. Signal recognition
· Turn right at the intersection / Stop once
· Lane change
· Navi app
· Automatic parking
· Mobile object tracking
* Functions that can be provided depending on installed equipment and experimental environment may be limited.
Please inquire for details.


We are also offering ,RoboCar MiniVan Autoware package: Over 23,800,000 yen (excluding tax)​ ​
RoboCar HV Autoware package: Over 17.8 million yen (excluding tax)​ ​
RoboCar MV2 Autoware package: Over 13.3 million yen (excluding tax)
※ The above is the price including RoboCar body.
We will propose according to your request, such as loading of sensors and consultation of base vehicles. For details, please contact us.


Autoware screen image
RoboCar MiniVan with Autoware
System Configuration

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