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RoboCar MiniVan public road experiment support package


This package utilizes Autonomous driving technology and supports customer's demonstration experiment.
For experimental vehicles, we used RoboCar® MiniVan, an autonomous driving technology development platform based on a commercial car hybrid minivan.
A laser scanner that monitors the surroundings, a monocular camera, a stereo camera RoboVision®, a GPS and inertial sensor that measures the position and behavior of the vehicle, and we have built and installed an in-vehicle computer IZAC® equipped with artificial intelligence that integrates acquired sensor data and performs autonomous operation.
Since the achievements and know-how of public road demonstration experiments started from 2014 are collected, we will support technical advice, operation support of implementation plan, driver and support car running at the time of request, etc. according to your request.
Examples of utilization scenes include a wide range of scenes requested by demonstration experiments aimed at confirming the effectiveness of services aimed at providing mobility services in depopulated areas and experiments on Autonomous driving in public roads up to applied service fields.

Examples of Autonomous driving functions installed in Odaiba's autonomous driving experiment

· Front-following function
· Peripheral object detection (peripheral vehicle, pedestrian)
· Lane Keep
· Lane change
. Signal recognition (including arrow signals)
· Turn right at intersection
· Road parking avoidance
· Registration route traveling
※The above is an actual case in Odaiba and it does not guarantee that all can be realized in the demand area.

Examples of adopting the services

• ADAS Experiment and evaluation on public road in sensor development for autonomous operation
• Demonstration of effectiveness for the introduction of mobility services such as local governments

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· Autonomous driving vehicle development platform RoboCar MiniVan (including sensors necessary for Autonomous driving)
· Autonomous operation computer IZAC (basic license fee + control component option, including running test cost)
· High precision map
· Planning of field trials and support planning of experiment scenario
· Software customization for realization of experiment scenario
· Support for notification to the administrative and police agencies in the target area
· Engineering support on experiment implementation
· Operation support related to experiments (local coordinator, experimental driver, support car, etc.)


Experimental example:
Demonstration experiment support of autonomous driving service with a public road course of about 5 km (vehicle / equipment purchased, software verification experiment, period of demonstration experiment about 1 week)
Price: Over 80 million yen (excluding tax)​ ​
* We will propose according to purpose and scale. For details, please contact us.
It is possible to rent experimental vehicles with reduced prices, and to support implementation of demonstration experiments for a short period of time, so please consult us.


Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment in April 2018
Location:Public roads in ODAIBA,Tokyo
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